Pothos Safe For Cats
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Pothos Safe For Cats


So, is pothos safe for cats? We run down all you need to know about pothos and pets…

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Is Pothos Safe For Cats?

Pothos is not safe for cats if it is ingested, it an cause irritation and vomiting. Keep it out the way of them if you can. Source: aspca.org.

Is Pothos Safe For Birds?

Pothos is not safe for birds for the same reason as cats and dogs as it has calcium oxalate in it which can cause irritation.

There has been some confusion as some online resources say pothos is safe for birds, but on further digging I found that they were referring to silver pothos (scindapsus) which is not a true pothos.

Is Pothos Safe For Aquarium?

In general pothos are safe for fish. It is safe for the aquarium and many people have grown it in their tanks. I would not put a fresh cutting in your tank though, make sure it is calloused over before putting it in with your fish.

Is Pothos Safe For Chameleons?

Pothos are safe for chameleons in general. It is only toxic if eaten in very large quantities.

Is Scindapsus Pictus Safe For Cats

Satin pothos aka scindapsus pictus is not safe for cats, it has calcium oxalates in it and can cause vomiting in cats if eaten. It is unlikely to be severe, but seek vets advice if eaten. Also sometimes called a ‘pothos’, the stain pothos is not actually a pothos, but is part of the Scindapsus family.

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Pothos Safe For Cats
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