philodendron white princess tricolor
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Philodendron White Princess Tricolor

The philodendron white princess tricolor is a philodendron white princess with some pink variegation on it too, it is also sometimes known as a “philodendron white princess pink splash”.

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Here’s a couple of pictures of mine that have put out pink variegation. These both came from white princesses that grew with only white variegation on them for a few years before producing a pink splash out of nowhere.

Philodendron White Princess Tricolor

Philodendron White Princess Tricolor – frequently asked questions

What Is A Philodendron White Princess Tricolor?

The Philodendron White Princess has stable white variegation, but they sometimes produce a freak pink variegated mutation too, known as the White Princess Tricolor

How Do You Get Pink Variegation In White Princess?

The best way to get pink on a white princess is to take a cutting from tricolor, as the cutting has a better chance of having pink that one without pink, but be aware that the pink variegation is not as stable as the white, so you may not get any more pink on future leaves.

Does White Princess Philodendron Have Pink On It ?

They do not all have pink on them, it only appears sometimes as a freak mutation.

Is White Princess Variegation Stable?

The white variegation is relatively stable on a white princess, the rarer pink splashes are less stable.

Can You Encourage Pink Variegation In a White Princess

You cannot directly encourage just the pink variegation, but give the plant as much indirect sun as you can and hope for the best! Propagating cuttings with pink on it is a good idea too, as a plant grown from a pink cuttings has more chances of producing the pink variegated leaves.

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