Philodendron White Princess Propagation
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Philodendron White Princess Propagation

Our guide to propagating the philodendron white princess, with step by step instructions and pictures from propagating my plants.

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How To Propagate A Philodendron White Princess In Water

Time needed: 30 minutes

A step by step guide to rooting a philodendron white princess in water

  1. Take the cuttings

    The nodes can be really close together on a white princess so be very careful with a knife to make the cuttings without damaging the nodes.Taking White Princess cuttings with a sharp knife

  2. Trim the cuttings

    Being really careful not to cut the nodes, trim the cuttings so you have one leaf and one node per cutting.Cutting between the nodes of a white princess

  3. Set the cuttings aside

    Put the the cuttings aside for 3 or 4 hours so the open wounds seal over. Then can get mushy and rot easily if they go into water with open cuts.Philodendron White Princess

  4. Put the cuttings in water

    Get a jar of filtered tap war and put all the cuttings in it. You want to try to set it up so the leaves don’t hit the water but the nodes are under the surface, as leaves can rot and turn the water cloudy if they get too wet.philodendron white princess water propagation

  5. Keep it well lit and the water topped

    Put the cuttings in medium to bright indirect sunlight. Keep the water topped up, only change it if it goes cloudy. They start to root in days, and in month or so should be well-rooted enough to move to another medium like leca or soil.

How To Propagate A Philodendron White Princess In Soil

You can plant white princess cuttings in soil directly but they sometimes go rotten. I would water propagate them first for a month, then move to soil once they have decent roots.

How To Propagate A Philodendron White Princess In Leca

My white princesses do really well in leca, I don’t use any fertilizer, just water alone. You want to water propagate the cuttings for a few months, then move them to leca, I put 2 or 3 cuttings in a small leca pot. Make sure you have washed and rinsed the leca thoroughly first.

Philodendron White Princess Propagation in leca

How To Propagate A Philodendron White Princess In Sphagnum Moss

You can plant white princess cuttings in moss and they should grow well, it is a really good medium as it is much cleaner than soil and gets more air to the roots. Just bury the cuttings in pots of moist moss. Make sure you don’t pack them down too hard as you want air to get to the roots. You can even water propagate the cuttings first for a few weeks and move to moss once roots are established.

Philodendron White Princess Propagation in sphagnum moss


Be careful when propagating a philodendron white princess as the nodes are really close together. You must not damage the nodes or the cuttings won’t root.

Philodendron White Princess Propagation - close nodes
Philodendron White Princess Propagation - close nodes

White Princess Node / Chonk

The best way to grow a white princess from a node or chonk is in sphagnum moss. Make sure the cutting is left for a few hours so the wounds are calloused over, then put it on sphagnum moss and partially cover it in damp moss. Keep it damp and humid until it roots and puts out new leaf growth. It can take a while to root and then grow from a chonk, so be patient. Keep it in medium to bright indirect sunlight to encourage growth.

Philodendron White Princess Propagation - chonk

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