Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation
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Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation

We cover all you need to know about propagating your philodendron pink princess.

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I have tried water propagation, soil, moss and leca methods when propagating pink princess philodendrons. I’ve propagated lots over the last few years and even though I love the more technical propagations,

The best method for propagating a philodedron pink princess is to water propagate them for a month or two then move them to soil. Then keep them humid until you get growth from the top of the plant, then you can treat them as a normal juvenile pink princess.

How To Propagate A Philodendron Pink Princess

Time needed: 30 minutes

A step by step guide to propagating a philodendron pink princess

  1. Take the cutting

    Take a sharp knife and cut the stem below the node. The node is the part of the stem which the plant branches out from, it is also where it will root from so you need one for each cutting.
    You’ll need to take a cutting of the top node, if you take a cutting from the middle of the plant, the branches above will come with it, as you take the princess cuttings

  2. Let the cutting callous over

    You don’t want open wounds when you put it in water as it increases the chance of rot. You want to allow the wounds to heal for a few hours princess cuttings left to callous

  3. Put the cuttings in water

    Once it is calloused over, put the cuttings in a jar of filtered tap water and keep them in medium indirect princess cuttings in water

  4. Leave them to root.

    Let the cuttings root for a month or so, keeping the water topped up. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the roots have roots – the plant will root, then put out smaller roots from the main one.

  5. Move the plant to soil

    Take it out of its water and plant it in soil. (you can also use leca, or sphagnum moss as pictured below with one of my cuttings). Once it starts to put out new leaves from the top of the plant you can keep it as a normal houseplant.

  6. Keep it humid

    Keep the plant in a humid place, or inside a clear plastic bag to keep it humid as this will encourage it to take to the soil.

Here’s a couple of pictures of my propagations, one young one I propagated in soil, and another in sphagnum moss.

Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation In Soil
Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation In Sphagnum Moss

Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation – frequently asked questions

Is Pink Princess Philodendron Easy To Propagate?

Pink princesses are easy to propagate – take a one-node, one-leaf cutting and root it in water, then transfer it to soil.

Can I Propagate Pink Princess In Water?

You can propagate a pink princess in water. It is best to let the wounds heal over first to reduce the chances of rot.

Can You Propagate A Pink Princess Philodendron Leaf?

You cannot propagate a pink princess from just a leaf , you need a node.

How Long Does It Take For Pink Princess Cuttings To Root?

It can take just a week for the cutting to start rooting, and normally two months to establish a good sized root system.

Can You Put Philodendron Cuttings Straight Into Soil?

You can propagate philodendrons directly to soil. You can get more issues with rot with soil than with other methods, so make sure you leave the cuttings for a few hours so the wounds heal over completely before putting them in soil. You do not want open wounds as it encourages rot.

What Is The Difference Between Top Cutting And Mid Cutting Philodendron?

Top cuttings come from the top part of the plant where the newest growth is. They tend to propagate the fastest. Mid cuttings which come from further down the plant also propagate well, in younger plants especially.

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