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Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation

Welcome to our guide to propagating the philodendron paraiso verde with pictures and step by step instructions from propagating my plants.

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Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation In Water

Time needed: 30 minutes

A step by step guide to propagating philodendron paraiso verde in water.

  1. Take a cutting

    Take a cutting from a healthy part of the plant. You need to get one leaf and take the cuttings all the way back to the stem and include the node/growth point, as the cutting will root from this node. paraiso verde cuttings

  2. Leave it for a few hours

    Leave the cuttings for a few hours before putting it in water so that the open wounds are sealed completely. paraiso verde cuttings

  3. Put it in water

    Put in a jar of water and keep it in a well lit location but out of direct sunlight.paraiso verde cuttings in water

  4. Keep the water level topped up

    Keep the water topped up so that the node is under the surface and the leaves are out of the water.

  5. Let it root

    In one or two months it should have a full root system. You can keep it in the water or move it to another medium like soil, less or sphagnum moss.


You can take a lot of cuttings in one go and propagate them together. Just propagate them all together in the same jar.

Be really careful when taking multiple cuttings as the nodes can be very close together, as you can see below. You want the nodes to stay in tact as the cuttings root from here. Be careful, use a sharp knife, and cut slowly.

cutting a paraiso verde with a knife

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation In Soil

You can plant a cutting directly in soil but I have found that water propagating it first works best. So follow these steps…

  1. take a cutting, make sure you get a node in it
  2. let the wounds heal over for an hour or two so they are sealed
  3. put it in a jar of water to root for a month or so
  4. once the roots are established move it to a soil mix (use a well draining soil suitable for aroids)
  5. keep it humid by putting in a large clear plastic bag with a few air holes to allow a small amount of air to move to avoid rot, but keep humidity high.
  6. when it starts to produce new growth from the top of the plant you can treat it as a successful propagation.

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation In Leca

I love to use leca for propagation when I’m propagating a lot of plants at one time, I water propagate a lot of cuttings in one go, and then when they’re well rooted I move them to individual pots of leca. You just need to rinse and wash the leca thoroughly first.

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation in leca
Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation in leca

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation In Sphagnum Moss

You can use sphagnum moss too. I put a layer of leca in the bottom of the cup so that any excess moisture can drain off from the moss.

Philodendron Paraiso Verde Propagation – frequently asked questions

What Is The Best Way To Propagate A Philodendron Paraiso Verde?

The best method is to take a cutting with one leaf and one node, let it callous over for a few hours, then put it in water to root for a month. Then move it to soil when the roots are established

Can Philodendron Paraiso Verde Grow In Water Alone?

They can grow in water alone, you just keep a water propagation in water ongoing, but they will grow much better in soil.

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