Neon Pothos Propagation In Leca
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Neon Pothos Propagation In Leca (10 Step Process With Pictures)

Our step by step guide to neon pothos propagation in leca. I run down all you need to know with pictures of my propagations.

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What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • A neon pothos
  • Leca or clay pebbles
  • A clear cup
  • A clean and sharp knife or scissors
neon pothos propagation in leca

Neon Pothos Propagation In Leca

Step 1:

Get your plant and decide where you are going to cut it. Will you cut one long branch and split that into smaller cuttings? Or take a little off each branch? You want the plant to look good afterwards too!

neon pothos propagation in leca

I’m going to take one branch off and then chop it into smaller pieces.

Neon Pothos stem cutting

N.B. if you look close you can see the larger neon pothos is growing in leca. I do not feed it any fertilizer and it grows well in leca alone.

Step 2:

Take your cuttings and then trim them down so you have a few one-leaf and one-node cuttings.

Multiple one leaf, one node neon pothos cuttings

Step 3:

Wait half a day for the ends of the open wounds to seal over

Step 4:

Then water propagate the cuttings by putting them in a jar of water filling it up with filtered tap water.

Step 5:

Use string or an elastic band to hold the cuttings in place. You do not want the leaves falling into the water and rotting.

Step 6:

Keep it in medium indirect sunlight until it roots, you may need to top the water up every now and again.

Wait for the cuttings to root in water. They should start to root within a few days, I always wait until the ‘roots have roots’ – the first roots grow big and then put out smaller roots from them. This can take a month or two.

neon pothos that have rooted in water

Step 7:

You can then move them to leca. You want to clean the leca first. Make sure you have rinsed the leca a few times to get rid of the excess clay powder. Then soak it for few hours.

leca ready for propagation

Step 8:

Half-fill a clear plastic cup (with no drainage holes in it) with leca. Then put one or two cuttings in the cup and hold them where you want them to be, while filling in around them with more leca. Be careful with the cuttings at this stage as they can come out of the leca quite easily, they’ll be fine once they have rooted for a month or so.

transferring a neon pothos in leca
a neon pothos propagation in leca

Step 9:

I then fill the cup up with plenty of water (I use filtered tap water, mixed 50:50 with the water from the water propagation jar if you have it).

multiple neon pothos propagations in leca

Step 10:

Once the first lot of water has been used up I maintain a small level of water at the bottom of the cup (which does not touch the cuttings) which the leca can wick up and give to the roots as needed.

You can keep the cuttings in leca ongoing, I have a large neon pothos in leca that I only give water (not fertilizer) and they have grown large, as you can see at the top of this article. They would grow quicker in soil though and you can move them there once well rooted if you like.

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