Neon Pothos Propagation In Water
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Neon Pothos Propagation In Water

Welcome to our article on neon pothos propagation in water, with step by step instructions including pictures of my propagations.

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What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • A neon pothos
  • Filtered tap water
  • A clear cup
  • A clean and sharp knife or scissors

Neon Pothos Propagation In Water

Step 1:

Take a cutting from your neon pothos, if it is a big plant I think it is best to take one long stem and then chop that up into smaller pieces to propagate. Or you can ‘give the plant a haircut’ and cut off smaller cuttings all over.

Neon Pothos

Step 2:

Trim the cuttings down so you have one leaf and one node for each cuttings.

Neon Pothos stem cutting
Multiple one leaf, one node neon pothos cuttings

Step 3:

Put the cuttings in clear jan, but do not add water yet

You can use string or an elastic band to hold the cuttings in place from falling out or in to the water. You want the nodes to be as far down into the jar as possible, but no leaves touching the water.

Neon pothos cuttings in water

Step 4:

Wait for a few hours so that the wounds on the cut sites are no longer open.

Step 5:

Fill the jar up with filtered tap water so that the nodes are covered with water but so that the leaves are above the surface.

Neon pothos propagating in water

Step 6:

Keep it somewhere bright, but out of direct sun. And check it once a week to make sure the water covers the nodes. It should start to root in a few days. If you see the water turn cloudy then change it and remove any cuttings that are rotting.

neon pothos propagation in water

Step 7:

Once the roots are large enough in a month or so you can move the cuttings to soil or leca. But they look great too if you keep them in water, just be aware they grow slower in water than in soil.

neon pothos propagation in water

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