Miscellaneous Plant Articles

  • Miscellaneous Plant Articles

    Houseplants Poisonous To Cats

    Houseplants Poisonous To Cats  Cat lovers and plant lovers, listen up! We run down a list of popular houseplants poisonous to cats. What Plants are Toxic to Cats? Here is a list of plants toxic to cats: Alocasia: irritant / sickness if eaten.  Aloe Vera: Aloes are a really common houseplant but toxic to cats.  Bird Of Paradise: mildly toxic, especially if it flowers and cats eat the seeds.  Caladium: irritant / sickness if eaten.  Dieffenbachia: these are becoming much popular these days. If you have a cat that eats plants this will be an irritant to them, so keep them out the way. Dracaena: sickness if eaten.  Fiddle Leaf…

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  • houseplants that like coffee
    Miscellaneous Plant Articles

    Houseplants That Like Coffee

    Houseplants That Like Coffee When I worked in a big office there was always someone that couldn’t be bothered to walk to the kitchen and wanted to throw their coffee away in my plants and then tell me ‘plants love coffee’! We all know these people! So is there any truth to this!? Well yes… See also: Fiddle Leaf Fig Care, Caring For A Jade Plant, Peace Lily Care, Snake Plant Care, Spider Plant Care. Why is Coffee Good for Plants? Some plants benefit from extra nitrogen and potassium. And coffee grounds being added to the soil, can supply this in the same way you would from a fertilizer. In…

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  • Sphagnum Moss
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    Sphagnum Moss

    Intro Welcome to our guide to sphagnum moss, which is my favorite growing medium for propagating plants as it gives the roots plenty of moisture as well as air, while reducing the chances of root rot that you can get with soil. Growing Plants In Sphagnum Moss Growing plants in sphagnum moss is really easy, you just need to follow these steps: Put a handful or so of sphagnum moss in a bowl, then add some filtered tap water. Squeeze the moss like a sponge so it absorbs the water from the bowl. Keep adding watering and squeezing the moss until it cannot absorb any more water. Put the moss…

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  • How Often Watering Succulents
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    How Often – Watering Succulents

    So how often should I water my succulents I hear you say? The key to watering a succulent is not to water it to a regular schedule, but to check it on a schedule and only water it if it meets a few requirements which are easy to check for… Key Points To Watering Succulents Check your plants soil once a week with your finger and only water them if the soil is totally dry. This way you won’t over or underwater them. Do not just water your succulents on a schedule. You should check them to see if they need watering on a schedule, but only water them if…

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  • Manjula Pothos
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    Pothos Varieties

    Welcome to our guide to pothos varieties, we run down all you need to know about this popular plant genus… See also Hawaiian Pothos, Jessenia Pothos, Glacier Pothos, Marble Queen Pothos, Manjula Pothos, Pearls And Jade Pothos Care, Pearls And Jade Pothos Care, Pothos Safe For Cats, Pothos Propagation. How Many Types Of Pothos Are There? There are at least 20 cultivars of epipremnum aureum that are sold on the market, and this will increase as growers and breeders develop more strains. Often companies patent a cultivar, like Manjula pothos which was developed and patented by the University of Florida. There are also other epipremnums like the epipremnum pinnatum (cebu…

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