Leca and Semi Hydroponics

  • How To Propagate Philodendron
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    How To Propagate Philodendron

    Welcome to our guide to how to propagate philodendron… In general philodendrons are easy to propagate in soil, leca sphagnum moss and water. You need two nodes, one bare for the roots to grow from and one with foliage. Make a clean cut and then add the cutting to the medium, and wait 2 months before potting them up in soil. Introduction Here we run down how to propagate philodendron. These beautiful and popular tropical houseplant can be relatively easily propagated with cuttings either in water, soil or sphagnum moss. Soil requires the least work (you just stick the cuttings in!), water is great as you can monitor root growth,…

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  • How To Use Leca For Houseplants
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    How To Use Leca For Houseplants

    Welcome to our guide to how to use leca for houseplants, as well as semi hydroponics information and propagation tips. We go into detail on all you need to know.. What Is Leca? Leca or L.E.C.A stands for lightweight expanded clay aggregate. It is small clay pebbles, that are very useful for rooting and growing houseplants in, instead of using soil. They can wick up water from below, which gives most plants’ roots the moisture they need, but not too much, and with much less chance of root rot. It also lets more air get to the roots, and you get a lot less pests that with soil. It is…

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