Do pothos like to be misted
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Do Pothos Like To Be Misted?

We run down all you need to know about misting a pothos and all you need to know about it’s humidity.

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Do Pothos Like To Be Misted?

You can raise the humidity by misting a pothos, but it makes the plant wet and susceptible to mold. The effect only last for a few hours until the water is dried up. The best thing to do is to keep it fairly humid by keeping it in a moderately humid room or with other plants (as they give off moisture). They are fairly tolerant of a lot of household conditions, but they do very well in higher humidity levels as they are tropical plants. Keep them with other plants is normally enough.

What Is The Ideal Humidity For A Pothos?

Aim for 50 to 70% humidity during the day. You can use a humidity meter to give you an idea of what it is at.

variegated pothos cuttings in water

‎Do Pothos Like Humidity?

They thrive if given good humidity levels as they are tropical plants and will grow bigger and lusher if given the optimal conditions. You can keep them in drier parts of your home and they’ll be fine and will also do well in 70 or 80% humidity levels.

Other Ways To Increase The Humidity

You can increase the humidity by keeping them in a humid room, or with other plants. You can also put the plant pot they are in, in another external pot with a layer of clay pebbles or stones at the bottom, and keep them wet, the slowly evaporating water will raise the local humidity around the plant.

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