Anthurium Propagation

Anthurium Propagation

How To Propagate An Anthurium

Welcome to our guide to anthurium propagation. In general anthuriums are best propagated by division at the roots and potted in separate containers, which is the quickest method. You can also take stem cuttings and even plant seeds, although these methods take longer than division.


Welcome to our guide to anthurium propagation. There are a few types of anthuriums, here we are referring to the red ‘laceleaf’ Anthurium andraeanum, although the methods for propagation we describe here will work on all anthuriums.

Firstly a note of caution: be careful of any liquid from the plant as it can be an irritant, so use gloves.

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Anthurium Propagation By Division

The best way to propagate anthuriums is by dividing the plants, this way you get a plant that already has it’s own root system and branches. You’ll need a plant that has produced more smaller plants or stems around the base of the plant and a new pot as well as compost for the new plants.

Follow these steps to divide your anthuriums:

  • Step 1: Take the anthurium out of it’s pot.
  • Step 2: Brush as much of the soil as possible from the roots, then put the roots in a bowl of water (room temperature, not cold) , this will make it much easier to separate them without breaking roots.
  • Step 3: Prize off the plants from each other so you get separate plants with their own root systems and stems too. You may damage the roots slightly which is ok, but try to keep the damage as low as possible.
  • Step 4: Pot up the new plants in their own pots and the original pot back in it’s container too.
  • Step 5: Water your new plants and enjoy!

For more details on looking after your anthuriums, see our article Anthurium Care.

Anthurium Water Propagation With Stem Cuttings

You can propagate anthuriums by taking stem cuttings, the stems grow out from the rest of the plant with some roots at the base, make sure you get a root or two and cut the stem off with a knife. You can then pot up the new plant.

Anthurium Propagation By Seed

It is possible to plant and grow anthuriums for seed, this is obviously not the quickest way, but it is possible, they can be germinated on sphagnum moss, and put in a bag to keep humid. Put in a warm and bright spot and change the air occasionally. And you should see new plants, once they are established you can pot them on.

Can Anthurium Be Propagated In Water?

Anthurium can be rooted in water. Soil or sphagnum moss is a better method for anthuriums, but you can use water to root them in. The important thing is to remove all soil from the roots before you put it in the water. You’ll need to wash the soil off thoroughly to avoid rot.

Can You Grow Anthurium From A Cutting?

It is best to propagate them by division, but if the plant is big enough you can take a stem cutting.

Can You Propagate Anthurium From Leaf?

No it is not possible to grow an anthurium from a leaf cutting.

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