Propagate Hoya Kerrii
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Propagate Hoya Kerrii

Welcome to our guide to how to propagate hoya kerrii...

Propagate Hoya Kerrii

Welcome to our guide to propagate the sweetheart plant aka the hoya kerrii. Firstly and very importantly, If you have a sweetheart plant with just the single heart-shaped leaf, the ones they sell on Valentines Day which look like just a heart in soil, you will not be able to propagate it as it does not have an extra node to cut. You need the full plant with multiple leaves and nodes.

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How To Propagate Hoya Kerrii

You can propagate hoya kerrii easily…

  1. Take a cutting with at least one node and one leaf.
  2. Put the cutting in a cup of water to root.
  3. Keep it in humid and in a bright spot, but no direct sun.
  4. Wait for a month or two for it to root, then pot it up in a well draining soil mix for hoyas.

At this point you can treat it is a juvenile plant.

Can You Propagate Hoya Kerrii In Water?

You can propagate hoya kerrii in water to get it root for a month or two before potting it up in soil.

How Long Does It Take Hoya Kerrii To Root?

Hoya Kerrii will root in under two months, in soil or water.

Where To Cut Hoya To Propagate?

You need to cut below a node so that you get one node and one leaf. The roots will grow from the node, so you cannot propagate from a single leaf rooted hoya kerrii as there is no second node to cut.

Can You Propagate Hoya From A Leaf?

You can only propagate the cutting if it also has a node attached to it.

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Propagate Hoya Kerrii
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