String Of Pearls Propagation
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String Of Pearls Propagation

How To Propagate A String Of Pearls

The key to String Of Pearls propagation is to not let the cuttings dry out as moisture encourages root growth. They can be propagated in a few ways, the easiest one is to trim off a string or two and lay them on top of some cactus and succulent compost and mist it once a day until they root…


Welcome to our string of pearls propagation guide. String of pearls aka senecio rowleyanus are one of my favorite succulent plants, they propagate relatively easily, read on….

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String of Pearls Water Propagation

You can propagate a string or pearls in water using stem cuttings following these steps:

  • Step 1: Take a cutting from the string of pearls – you need a string long enough to be at least an inch or a few cms underwater and the same again out of the water.
  • Step 2: Strip the bottom half of the string of the leaves so they are only on the top half and there are none on the bottom half.
  • Step 3: Then get a glass jar filled with room temperature filter water and put the string of pearls in it (keep the leaves out of the water).
  • Step 4: Leave the jar in a warm bright window sill for the roots to develop
  • Step 5: In 2 months or so you should have well established root systems and you can pot the cuttings up together in their own pot of cactus and succulent compost.

What I do after that is plant up each separate rooted ‘string’ into it’s own plant pot. I do not put them all in one pot. It will look lonely and bare to start but in the long run I get more plants. Then I make each one bushier by curling the string around on the soil surface, not letting it hang over the edge of the pot. Make sure the ‘string’ is touching the soil surface then spray it a few times and the new string should root in various places in the soil. Then you’ll have lots of small rooted strings cover the pot. If you can see soil on the surface, tuck a new growth of pearls on to it and spray it with water to encourage it to root. Once these are rooted they will start to grow out in many strings of their own, making a really bushy plant with lots of strings. You can use this method will all the other methods mentioned below too.

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String of Pearls Soil Propagation

Soil propagation is really easy with string of pearls, you just need a pot with cactus and succulent compost in it. Then cut one or more string from your plant and place them on top of the soil in the new pot. Spray them once a day with a water mister until they grow roots over the following weeks. It really is that easy! Keep them warm and well lit for best results.

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String of Pearls Sphagnum Moss Propagation

You can use sphagnum moss when propagating a string of pearls , you need to wet the moss and then put the string of pearls on top of it, and cover them in a very small layer of wet moss. Keep it moist and in a warm place with plenty of indirect sunlight and roots should grow quickly over the next few week. And once it starts producing new leaves you can pot them up in cactus and succulent compost.

I personally prefer this sphagnum moss method, as from my experience it gets the quickest root growth.

Can You Propagate String Of Pearls From One Leaf?

You can propagate a string of pearls from a single leaf, although it may take a while to grow roots and then start growing more leaves. It is definitely quicker to propagate with cuttings.

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