Peperomia Graveolens (Ruby Glow Peperomia)
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Peperomia Graveolens (Ruby Glow Peperomia)

Welcome to our guide to peperomia graveolens care all to you need to know about care and propagation

Peperomia Graveolens Care Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check soil weekly, only water if dry all the way down.
Fertilizer:A very well diluted balanced feed monthly in spring and summer.
Soil:A rich potting compost added perlite for drainage.
Temperature:18-25°C (64-77°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Ruby Glow Peperomia, Ruby Peperomia.
Common issues:Root rot from overwatering.


The peperomia graveolens aka ruby glow peperomia is known for its fleshy green and red canoe-shaped leaves, originating from Ecuador.

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Light Needs

Bright indirect sunlight is ideal. They will be ok a bit further back form the window. Just be careful in case they get leggy.

How Often To Water Peperomia Graveolens

Rule number one with a peperomia – do not overwater it. Check the soil weekly and only water it if completely dry. This does not need very much water.


They’ll be ok if you don’t feed them but if you do, use a balanced feed monthly in spring and summer diluted by twice as much as it says on the packet.


It’s important to use a well draining mix. A rich potting compost with some added perlite to avoid root rot issues.

Tip: they get root rot easily, so use a well draining mix and tip out any water that is left over in the saucer after watering

When to Repot Peperomia Graveolens

Check them yearly and pot them up if getting crowded, they are ok to be a bit root bound.


50-60% is good for them, they like it humid. They are tolerant of less but will thrive if you give them some tropical humidity.


18-25°C (64-77°F) during the day, try to keep them above 5°C (41°F) at night.

How to Propagate Peperomia Graveolens

They are really easy to propagate with stem cuttings. Take the leaves from the bottom of the stem, and keep leaves at the top, then root them in a glass of filtered ta water for a few weeks or up to two months. Then, when established, pot them up into a well draining mix.

For more on peperomia propagation see our guide: Propagating Peperomia.

Peperomia Graveolens Growing Leggy

They can grow leggy when they do not get enough light. So move them closer to the window. You can cut the leggy stems off and propagate them, then plant them back in with the main plant to make it fuller and bushier.

Peperomia Graveolens Flower

They flower with thin spear-like groths that tower above the plants.

Peperomia Graveolens USDA Zone

Zones 9-11.

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Is It Toxic To Cats?

They are not toxic to cats or dogs.

Peperomia Graveolens Flower

They grow thin, long dark pink stalks with tubes of very small flowers on them, that rise up over the plant like little spears.

Peperomia Graveolens Leggy

If your plant is starting to get leggy you can move it to a brighter part of your home (no direct sun though). If you like, you can trim the leggy parts off to tidy the plant up and propagate them into new plants.

Why Are My Peperomia Graveolens Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yellow leaves occur when the plant is stressed, most commonly from over watering. It can also be underwatering too. So make sure you are checking the soil each week but only watering it if the soil is dry. Make sure the bottom of the pot is not sat in water in its saucer as this can cause waterlogging and root rot. Tip out any excess water after watering.

Is Peperomia Graveolens A Succulent?

Yes, it is a succulent.

Other Names

Ruby Glow Peperomia, Ruby Peperomia.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.

FAQs and Common Problems

The most common issue with them is root rot from overwatering. Do not give them water unless they are dry from the time before.

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Peperomia Graveolens
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