Spider Plant Care

Spider Plant Care

Welcome to our guide to spider plant care. They are super easy as it is one of the hardiest houseplants around, they will grow in almost and conditions and can survive in water alone…

Spider Plant Care Summary

Light needs:Low light – bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Water once a week if dry.
Fertilizer:They do no need feeding, but can grow quicker if fed once a month in spring and summer.
Soil:Well draining potting compost.
Humidity:40% or above.
Temperature:20-30°C (68- 86°F) in the day, above freezing (0°C, 35°F) at night.
Where to buy:Almost any plant shop or any online plant store!
Other names:Chlorophytum comosum, spider ivy, airplane plant.
Common issues:Overwatering.


Welcome to our guide to Spider Plant Care… Chlorophytum comosum aka the spider plant is one of the most popular and omnipresent plants. They’ve been popular for years, my grandmother has loads! They always seem to be the plants that survive in offices where all other plants are neglected: they’re tough, and very easy to care for.

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Tip: we recommend Etsy for buying plants. Look for the best rated seller you can, and try to buy as close to your home as possible so the plant does not travel too far.

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Spider Plant Care

Spider Plant Light Needs

Spider plants are hardy plants and will tough it out in most light conditions, except for direct sunlight which can burn them. They will prosper in almost any household or office light conditions.

How Often to Water A Spider Plant

Spider plants will tolerate an inconsistent watering schedule. The best spider plant watering schedule is to go to water them once a week but only water it if the top half-finger depth is not still wet.

Spider Plant Propagation: pup

Spider Plant Care: Fertilizer

Spider plants do not need feeding, but they will grow quicker if you feed them. Use a diluted (by 25%) general fertilizer so as not to burn the plants.

Spider Plant Care: Soil

The best soil mix for spider plants is a well-draining standard potting mix. I add 10% or 20% perlite to a normal potting compost to aid drainage.

When To Repot A Spider Plant

Spider plants will be ok if they get a little pot bound, in fact it can encourage new growth. If you re-pot them, move them up one size, the best time of year to do this is spring.

Spider Plant Care: Humidity

40% or above is ideal. Spider plants are tropical plants so like humidity, but are not at all fussy and will do fine in most household conditions presented to it.

Spider Plant Care: Temperature

Aim for 20-30°C (68- 86°F) in the day, above freezing (0°C, 35°F) at night. Spider plants will tolerate a wide temperate range, just don’t let them get down to freezing or below.

How To Propagate a Spider Plant

The easiest way to propagate a spider plant is to cut the pups off and water propagate them…

To propagate a spider plant follow these steps:

  1. Cut the small spider plant babies (pups) from the main plant.
  2. Put them in a jar of filtered tap water (ideally left overnight first).
  3. Let the pups develop roots over a month or two.
  4. Once the roots are fully developed, pot the cuttings up into new post with a good well draining potting compost.

Do Spider Plant Leaves Grow Back?

If you cut the leaves bac kor they fall off, more will grow back if the plant is healthy,

Can Spider Plants Survive Without Sunlight?

They need some sunlight but can live in very low light conditions. It is best to give them medium to bright indirect sun though.

Spider Plant Care USDA Zone

Zones 9-11.

Other Names for Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum, spider ivy, airplane plant.

FAQs and Common Issues

Common issues with spider plants are over-watering – make sure they do not sit in water by putting them in well-draining soil in a pot with good drainage holes.

If they suffer from prolonged low humidity they can get brown leaf tips – then up the humidity or mist them with a spray every few days.

Can Spider Plants Grow In Water?

Spider plants can grow in water alone. You can chop off a pup, and put it in a jar of tap water where it can grow almost indefinitely as long as you keep the water topped up. For more on this see our post on Water Propagation.

Spider Plant Brown Tips

Spider plants get brown tips if they are over or underwatered. Make sure you check the soil weekly but only water them if needed.

Do Spider Plant Flowers Turn Into Babies?

The flowers and spider plants pups (the small baby plants) all grow from thin stems the plant puts out. So the flowers do not turn in babies, but they grow from the same stems.

Is Spider Plant Toxic To Cats?

Spider plants are non-toxic to cats.

Where To Buy?

You can buy these everywhere to be honest, so support your local plant shop if you can. Or you can get them from a local plant dealer for cheap on Etsy.

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