Senecio Serpens
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Senecio Serpens

Welcome to our guide to the Senecio Serpens, covering all you need to know about care and propagation…

Senecio Serpens Care Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight, some direct.
Watering needs:Check soil weekly, only water when soil is dry all the way down. 
Fertilizer:A cactus and succulent fertilizer monthly in summer.
Soil:A well draining cactus and succulent soil (See: Succulent Soil).
Temperature:16-29°C (61-84°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Curios repens, blue chalk sticks.
Common issues:Overwatering.


The wonderfully blue Senecio Serpens (aka curios repens, aka blue chalk sticks), is an impressively colored like succulent, originally from South Africa.

See also: Trachyandra Tortilis, Dracaena Compacta (Dracaena Janet Craig), Tigers Jaw Succulent, Sansevieria Fernwood.

Senecio Serpens Light Needs

They are succulents and love light. Give them bright indirect sunlight, they can toelrate some direct too, especially if acclimatized slowly.

How Often To Water

You want to let the soil dry out totally before watering again. So check the soil each week with your finger and only water it when the soil is dry all the way down. They will need much less water in the winter, so make sure you check the soil first each time to avoid overwatering and root rot.


You can use a cactus and succulent fertilizer each month in the summer. It will help to promote growth.


They need a really well draining cactus and succulent soil. For how to make your own or which one to buy, see our guide Succulent Soil.

When to Repot Senecio Serpens

They will not need repotting each year, but it is a good idea to check the roots once a year and pot them up a size if they are crowded. I check all my plants at Easter time so I can pot them up if needed before the main growth season of spring and summer.


40% or so, they do not need to be humid, they are succulents that are used to arid conditions.


Aim for 16-29°C (61-84°F) during the day and a minimum of 5°C (41°F) at night.

How to Propagate Senecio Serpens

You can propagate Senecio Serpens by leaf cuttings. Strip a few leaves from a stem, and then let them callous over for a few days. They you can place them on a bed of moist sphagnum moss or soil with the bottoms planted in. Keep them moist and humid and they should start to root soon and in a couple of months you can pot them up to their own pots.

Is Senecio Serpens Poisonous?

They are very toxic to cats and dogs if eaten, seek vets advice immediately.

Senecio Serpens Vs Mandraliscae?

They are similar plants but the serpens is slightly smaller with smaller spikes and grows more uniformly, spreading out wider than the mandraliscae.

Other Names

Curios repens, blue chalk sticks.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.

FAQs and Common Problems

Overwatering kills a lot of succulents but is easily avoided by letting the soil dry out first. Check for pests too at watering time.

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Senecio Serpens
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