How To Propagate String Of Hearts.
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How To Propagate String Of Hearts

Welcome to our guide to how to propagate string of hears a.k.a. ceropegia woodii.

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Can String Of Hearts Be Propagated In Water?

String of heats can be propagated in water, just make sure you don’t get any leaves under the surface.

How To Propagate String Of Hearts In Water

You can propagate string of hearts in water, just follow these steps:

  1. Get all you need ready: sharp scissors, your string of hearts plant, a jar of filtered tap water.
  2. Cut off one of the ‘strings’, the long thin branches.
  3. Strip off the leaves from the bottom few nodes of the branches.
  4. Leave the cuttings to callous over for half a day so that the wounds are sealed to reduce the chance of rot.
  5. Put the cuttings in the jar of water so that the stripped nodes are under the water and there are no leaves below the surface.
  6. Put it in a warm and bright location but out of direct sun and let the cuttings root over the forthcoming weeks.
  7. After a couple of months they should be rooted well. You can pot them up in a cactus and succulent mix.
String of hearts cuttings in water to root.
String of hearts cuttings in water to root.

How To Propagate String Of Hearts In Sphagnum Moss

To propagate string of hearts in sphagnum moss use the butterfly method. You cut some of the ‘strings’ into individual node cuttings and root them in moist sphagnum moss. We go into more details below…

How To Propagate String Of Hearts Butterfly Method

One of the best ways of propagating string of hearts (ceropegia woodii) is with the so called ‘butterfly method’, so called as it involves lots of individual cuttings that look like butterflies.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take one of the ‘strings’ or branches.
  2. Cut it in to pieces, so there is only one node on each cutting.
  3. Get a takeout box or some old tupper ware and fill it with moist sphagnum moss.
  4. Make a few small holes in the lid so that air can circulate.
  5. Sprinkle the cuttings evenly over the top of the moss and push them down slightly so the nodes touch the moss.
  6. Keep it warm and moist, and well lit (but no direct sun). And take the lid off to refresh the air occasionally.
  7. They should root over the next few weeks or months and you’ll start to see growth from the top of the plant.
  8. You can then pot it up into cactus and succulent soil at this stage and treat the plant as a juvenile string of hearts.

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Here are some of mine propagating in sphagnum moss using the butterfly method. They have leca underneath which helps to keep the moss moist as long as there is a little water at the bottom as the leca wicks up moisture to the moss.

How To Propagate String Of Hearts Tubers

String of hearts put out round tubers every now and again, and you can cut them off and use them to propagate a new plant. Try to get some of the stem with it, and bury it in soil or moist sphagnum moss so that it is almost covered but the top is just out of the medium. It should root in a few weeks.

Can You Grow String Of Hearts From A Cutting?

String of hearts can be grown from cuttings using water, sphagnum moss or soil as a growing medium.

How Long Does It Take To Propagate A String Of Hearts?

A string of hearts cutting will start to root in 2 or 3 weeks and can then take 2 or 3 months for the plant to have decent sized roots. At this point it will produce growth out the top of the plant.

Where Do You Cut A String Of Hearts To Propagate?

String of hearts cuttings need at least one node and one set of leaves. The nodes are the parts where the leaves grow from.

How Long Does It Take To Root String Of Hearts In Water?

It can take 2 months or more for roots to develop to good size, but they will start growing in the first week.

Can String Of Hearts Survive In Water?

Yes string of hearts can be grown in water alone, if rooted in water from cuttings.

How Long Does It Take String Of Hearts To Root In Soil?

String of hearts should start to root in a week to one month in soil, and have a healthy root system in 2 months or so.

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