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String Of Turtles – Peperomia Prostrata Care

Welcome to our care guide to the String Of Turtles…

String Of Turtles Care Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight. No direct sun.
Watering needs:Check weekly but only water if almost totally dry.
Fertilizer:A dedicated cactus and succulent feed once a month in spring and summer.
Soil:Cactus and succulent mix.
Humidity:40 or 50%.
Temperature:20°C-27°C (70°F-80°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Peperomia Prostrata, Chain of Turtles.
Common issues:Overwatering, root rot.


We run down all you need to know about the string of turtles plant, aka the peperomia prostrata, which is known for it’s small turtle-shell like round leaves.

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Light Needs

Give them bright indirect sunlight, they’ll be fine a bit further back from the window. Do not give them any direct sun.

How Often to Water A String Of Turtles

Check your string of turtles each week and only water them if they are almost dry. They do not want to dry out completely, but should not get waterlogged as they get root rot easily.


Use a dedicated cactus and succulent feed once a month in spring and summer.


Use a cactus and succulent compost for your string of turtles.

When To Repot

Check your plant each year and move them to a bigger pot if the roots are getting crowded.


They do not need any special humidity requirements, 40 or 50% is best.


Aim for 20°C-27°C (70°F-80°F). They’ll be fine if the temperature drops off at tonight though.

String Of Turtles Vs String Of Hearts

You can tell these two plants apart as the string of hearts is more delicate looking with thinner leaves and thinner stems. For more see our article on String Of Hearts.

String Of Turtles Propagation

Take stem cuttings to propagate a string of turtles. Strip the leaves from the bottom node and put them in soil, with a few leaves sticking out the top. Keep them humid with a bag over it and change the air every few days. Give it indirect sunshine and keep it moist and they should root fairly quickly.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.

Other Names

Peperomia Prostrata, Chain of Turtles.

String Of Turtles FAQs and Common Problems

Overwatering is a big issue, make sure that the soil is almost dry before you water them as they get root rot easily and will droop.

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String Of Turtles
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