• How To Get Rid Of Thrips
    Houseplant Pests and Problems

    How To Get Rid Of Thrips

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of thrips. A thrip infestation can damage plants significantly, we’ll run down below the best way to deal with it. Where Do Thrips Come From? Thrips lay eggs in the soil, and can often come into your home from buying a new plant with thrips in the soil, or from outside. What Damage Do Thrips Cause? Thrips eat at the leaves of plants, and in small amounts the damage may not show, but in larger amounts leaves can die off and it is possible that the whole plant can die if not treated. How To Get Rid Of Thrips If…

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  • Calathea Types
    Calathea and Maranta,  List,  Reviews And Buying Guides

    5 Types Of Calathea You Need In Your Life

    Welcome to our article on 5 types of calathea you need in your life! Calatheas are leafy tropical houseplants that come in many different varieties, some with coloured stipes and dots, and others with patterned white and pink variegations. Their leaves vary in shape too. They are relatively cheap compared to the much hyped monsteras and philodendrons which fetch much higher prices today. Here we run down five types of calathea varieties we love… Calathea Triostar The calathea triostar is known for it´s thin green, white and pink thin leaves that form in star shape out from the center. This is a real stunner, and it is cheap too, small…

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  • Hoya Propagation
    Hoya,  Propagation

    Hoya Propagation

    How To Propagate A Hoya Summary: In general you can root hoya in water or leca relativity easily with a cutting that includes two nodes and it should be well rooted and ready to pot up in less than 6 weeks. Introduction Hoyas are really popular these days and for good reason. The good news is that they can be propagated easily with cuttings. Welcome to our hoya propagation guide. Hoya Propagation In Leca Leca, the clay pebbles used in hydroponics, is a great medium for propagating hoyas as it allows the cutting’s roots to be wet but also to get a lot of air to them. Follow these steps:…

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  • Propagating Succulents In Water
    Propagation,  Succulents and Cacti,  Water Propagation

    Propagating Succulents In Water

    Propagating Succulents In Water Summary In general propagating succulents in water is easy with leaf cuttings and beheadings, just make sure the cut is clean and the water is topped up regularly, then leave them in a bright and warm window sill for a month or two to root before . Introduction Can you really propagate succulents in water, they’re drought loving plants that can’t be true, right!? Well it actually is, and I find it a really easy way to get more plants, they look great in water in a vase showing off their roots as a table centerpiece too. There are two main ways to get succulent cuttings…

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  • String Of Pearls Propagation
    Propagation,  Succulents and Cacti

    String Of Pearls Propagation

    How To Propagate A String Of Pearls The key to String Of Pearls propagation is to not let the cuttings dry out as moisture encourages root growth. They can be propagated in a few ways, the easiest one is to trim off a string or two and lay them on top of some cactus and succulent compost and mist it once a day until they root… Introduction Welcome to our string of pearls propagation guide. String of pearls aka senecio rowleyanus are one of my favorite succulent plants, they propagate relatively easily, read on…. See also: String Of Pearls Care, Succulent Soil. String of Pearls Water Propagation You can propagate…

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