How To Get Rid Of Thrips
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How To Get Rid Of Thrips


Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of thrips. A thrip infestation can damage plants significantly, we’ll run down below the best way to deal with it.

Where Do Thrips Come From?

Thrips lay eggs in the soil, and can often come into your home from buying a new plant with thrips in the soil, or from outside.

What Damage Do Thrips Cause?

Thrips eat at the leaves of plants, and in small amounts the damage may not show, but in larger amounts leaves can die off and it is possible that the whole plant can die if not treated.

How To Get Rid Of Thrips

If you get thrips, spray them off with a spray bottle of water and soapy. Dilute it the same you would to wash the dishes and then spray your plant and the top layer of soil. Wipe down the leaves gently with a cloth, then spray again. Do this three times a week until the thrips are gone, then once a week after that for a few weeks to be sure.

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