• Treating fungus gnats with hydrogen peroxide solution
    Houseplant Pests and Problems

    How I Treat My Plants For Fungus Gnats -Step By Step Guide

    Welcome to my guide on how I get rid of fungus gnats. This is the process I use to get rid of fungus gnats and to prevent them. I use leca on top of the soil, which I don’t see a lot of other people doing, but I find it makes it difficult for gnats to lay eggs (they love moist soil). Plus I use yellow stickers to control the adult population and hydrogen peroxide solution to control the larvae and eggs in the soil… The key to treating fungus gnats is multiple attacks at the same time, and repeat every 5 days until you break the lifecycle: Then repeat…

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  • Snake Plant Rooted I Water
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    Snake Plant Propagation In Water

    Welcome to our guide to snake plant propagation in water. Snake plant (a.k.a. mother in laws tongue, a.k.a. dracaena trifasciata, previously known as sansevieria trifasciata before it was re-classified), it is a really popular succulent and it often surprises people that it can be rooted and grown in water, we cover all you need to know… How To Propagate Snake Plant In Water My preferred method of propagating snake plants is to cut a whole leaf off, chop it up and let the wounds callous over, then water propagate the cuttings until they root, then finally pot them up into soil. It’s a really easy way to get new snake…

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  • rhaphidophora tetrasperma cutting
    Plant Care,  Propagation,  Rare Houseplants,  Rhaphidophora

    Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Care

    Welcome to our guide to rhaphidophora tetrasperma care and propagation. I have a few of them in my home, and in general they are easy to care for tropical plant from Southern Thailand. They like bright indirect light, well-draining soil, normal household temperatures and a little humidity. Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Care Summary Light needs: Lots of bright indirect sunlight, but will be ok in lower light areas of your home ,they don’t like direct sunlight. Watering needs: Check the soil each week, do not water unless the top 50% is dry. Fertilizer: Use a general purpose houseplant fertilizer once a month in spring and summer. Soil: A peat-based, well-draining potting compost. Humidity:…

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  • How To Propagate String Of Hearts.
    Propagation,  Succulents and Cacti

    How To Propagate String Of Hearts

    Welcome to our guide to how to propagate string of hearts a.k.a. ceropegia woodii. They are a succulent that grows in the wild in South Africa I have a few string of hearts and have propagated them using various methods, I cover water, soil and moss methods below. My favorite method is to use the ‘butterfly method’ with sphagnum moss, as it’s easy, roots quickly, and results in a bushy plant, I’ll cover that one first, then the other propagation methods afterwards… See also: String Of Hearts, String Of Hearts Butterfly Method, Succulent Soil. How To Propagate String Of Hearts Butterfly Method One of the best ways of propagating string…

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  • Pilea Propagation
    Pilea,  Propagation

    Pilea Propagation

    Pileas are ones of the quickest plants to produce pups, and they do so in abundance, making them a really easy plant to propagate and give away (giving them their name the friendship plant). Pilea Peperomioides Propagation The Pilea Peperomioides aka the Chinese money plant / friendship plant / pancake plant / ufo plant looks impressive with their round plate/like shapes and are one of the best plants to gift to friends as they propagate easily and quickly, they’re a very popular houseplant. Here’s our guide to pilea propagation…. The easiest way to propagate a pilea is to cut off one of the the smaller littler plants, called pups, that…

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  • Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
    Propagation,  Rhaphidophora

    Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Propagation

    Welcome to our guide to monstera minima / mini monstera / rhaphidophora tetrasperma propagation, we run down all you need to know about propagating mini monstera plants. They are a tropical house plant from Southern Thailand but they are grow well in most homes as indoor plants. You can propagate them with stem cuttings, I like to use water propagation to root them first them move them to soil once rooted. See also: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Care, Monstera Deliciosa Care, Monstera Propagation. What You’ll Need You will need: How To Propagate Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma In Water Mini Monstera Soil Propagation You can go straight to soil with your rhaphidophora tetrasperma propagations if…

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