• How Fast Does Hoya Grow
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    How Fast Does Hoya Grow?

    All you need to know about how fast hoyas grow and other related questions related to growth and blooming… How Fast Does Hoya Grow? Hoyas can be really slow growers. I’ve found they tend to slow down even more when repotting, or if I buy a new one, it tends to not grow for a few months. They seem to get a bit shocked and stop growing when they go through a big change like repotting. So don’t worry if your hoya is not growing after buying it, you just need to give it time. Regarding flowering, hoya take anywhere from 2 to 7 years to reach maturity, and that…

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  • Propagate Hoya Kerrii
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    Propagate Hoya Kerrii

    Welcome to our guide to how to propagate hoya kerrii... Propagate Hoya Kerrii Welcome to our guide to propagate the sweetheart plant aka the hoya kerrii. Firstly and very importantly, If you have a sweetheart plant with just the single heart-shaped leaf, the ones they sell on Valentines Day which look like just a heart in soil, you will not be able to propagate it as it does not have an extra node to cut. You need the full plant with multiple leaves and nodes. See also: Hoya Propagation, Hoya Heuschkeliana, Hoya Linearis. Tip: we recommend Etsy for buying plants. Look for the best rated seller you can, and try…

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  • Do Hoya Like Humidity
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    Do Hoya Like Humidity?

    We cover answers to frequently questions about hoya and humidity and how to give your plant the ideal conditions… Do Hoya Like Humidity? Hoyas like humidity and will thrive if given 60%, as long as their other basic needs are met too. They will grow quicker in optimal conditions. However they will be fine in lower humidity areas of your home, and can grow just fine down to 40%. See also: Hoya Propagation, Hoya Linearis, Hoya Heuschkeliana. What Humidity Do Hoyas Need? 60% is ideal, in any case aim for 50% or more. This is above some households, so the best thing to do is get a humidity meter and…

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  • Hoya Propagation
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    Hoya Propagation

    How To Propagate A Hoya Summary: In general you can root hoya in water or leca relativity easily with a cutting that includes two nodes and it should be well rooted and ready to pot up in less than 6 weeks. Introduction Hoyas are really popular these days and for good reason. The good news is that they can be propagated easily with cuttings. Welcome to our hoya propagation guide. Hoya Propagation In Leca Leca, the clay pebbles used in hydroponics, is a great medium for propagating hoyas as it allows the cutting’s roots to be wet but also to get a lot of air to them. Follow these steps:…

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