Philodendron Ring Of Fire
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Philodendron Ring Of Fire Care

Philodendron ring of fire care is really easy as rare houseplants go, we cover everything you need to know…

Philodendron Ring Of Fire Care Summary

Light needs:Medium to bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check weekly, water if top 50% of the soil is dry.
Fertilizer:A well diluted multipurpose fertilizer monthly in spring and summer.
Soil:A well draining potting mix with 20% perlite. 
Temperature:15-27°C (approx. 60-80°F).
Where to buy:Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Pests on leaves, yellow leaves from overwatering.


The philodendron ring of fire is a sought after rare philodendron, named after the orange hue on some of it’s serrated-sword like leaves.

Light Needs

Medium to bright indirect sunlight is ideal for a philodendron ring of fire.

How Often to Water

You want to check your plant once a week by sticking your finger in the soil and if the top 50% is completely dry then water it, but if it is still wet then leave it for this week. You do want to drench a philendron with loads of water but give it just enough so that water starts to drop out the bottom then stop and wait 10 minutes. Then dump out any excess water and put it back in its external container. This is so that it doesn’t get root rot from sitting in water or soggy soil which is the biggest killer of philodendrons like this.


Feed this plant a multi-purpose plant feed once a month in the spring and summer months. The first time in the year you feed it make sure it’s a bit more diluted than it says in the packet in case of fertilizer burn and then gradually increase the dose throughout the spring.


You want a well draining loose soil with plenty of rich organic matter in it for a philodendron like this. It must be well draining because you want to avoid root rot. If you use a standard proprietary potting compost then add about 20% perlite just to keep the soil light and to aid drainage.

When To Repot

Repot it once a year even if you keep it the same pot size just to refresh the soil. Check it in spring and pot it up a size if it needs it, so that it grows into it’s new pot and has plenty of space over the coming growing months.

How To Propagate Philodendron Ring Of Fire

The easiest way to propagate a philodendron ring of fire is with a stem cutting. Take a cutting with at least one node and one leaf and let it callous over for about an hour or two before potting it up into a cup of wet sphagnum moss. Then keep the cup in a warm humid place and put it in a clear plastic bag to keep it humid. Put that next to a bright windowsill just to the side so it’s out of direct sun. It takes anywhere between one to two months to root and then you can pot it up into soil once it’s fully rooted.


A philodendron ring of fire will do well in the normal household humidity range. But it will do best at the high end of that range like 50 or even 60%, so if you can up the humidity with a humidifier or pebble tray you will get the best out of this plant. But if you can’t it should be fine in most places of your home down to 40% humidity it will be OK.


The ideal temperature range for a philodendron ring of fire is 15-27°C (approx. 60-80°F).

Philodendron Ring Of Fire Variegated

There is a variegated version of the philodendron ring of fire it’s a beautiful mottled green, cream and white color. The good news is that it needs the same care requirements as the normal ring of fire, just be a bit more careful about the sunlight because it needs plenty as it cannot produce energy as well as the all green version but at the same time direct sunlight can actually burn the leaves so pay a bit more attention to the light it gets.

Philodendron Ring Of Fire Aurea

The philodendron ring of fire aurea is a really bright, almost neon colored version of the ring of fire. It is beautiful and highly in demand, the care requirements are almost exactly the same as the standard plant you just need to be careful of light because it needs sunlight or the bright color can fade but if it gets too much direct sun it will burn and easily show on those leaves.

Where To Buy

Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.

Other Names

It has sometimes been called ‘Hendersons Pride’ commercially after Keith Henderson who is responsible for the hybrid.

Philodendron Ring Of Fire Scientific Name

It is a hybrid of the tortum and wendlandii philodendrons so has been called p. wendlandii x p. tortum.

Philodendron Ring Of Fire Care FAQs and Common Problems

Be careful of overwatering which can cause yellowing leaves and root rot which could kill the plant. Also check the plant for pests like aphids when watering.

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