Philodendron Esmeraldense
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Philodendron Esmeraldense Care

The key to philodendron esmeraldense care is to give it a really well draining potting medium and avoid waterlogging…

Philodendron Esmeraldense Care Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check weekly, water if most of the soil is dry.
Fertilizer:A high-in-nitrogen feed monthly in spring and summer.
Soil:A really well draining soil.
Temperature:16-28°C (61-82°F).
Where to buy:Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Pests like aphids.


Originally from Esmeraldas in Ecuador, the philodendron esmeraldense is known for its broad, long, heart shaped glossy leaves. IT makes good houseplant as is fairly easy to take of as long as you don’t over water.

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Light Needs

Bright indirect light is optimal. No direct midday sun though. They ill be fine a bit further back from the window, just be careful as the lower light the darker the leaves can get, so bring it forward if it starts to fade.

How Often to Water

Check them once a week but do not water unless the majority of the soil is dry, you can check it with your finger. You need to be careful of root rot if the plant sits in soggy soil.

Tip: underwater this plant rather than overwater it, they must not sit in soggy soil as they get root rot easily. Check the soil and only water if mostly dry, and make sure you don’t leave the pot wat in any excess water.

Philodendron Esmeraldense Fertilizer

A high in nitrogen feed is ideal, monthly in the spring and summer months. It is not essential but can speed up growth.


Use a really well draining soil. Again this is to avoid the common issue of root rot. A cactus and succulent soil is better than a standard soil to be honest or a mix of the two. For more on Philodendron soil see our guide on what to buy or how to make your own: Philodendron Soil.

When To Repot

Repot them when they outgrow their current pot. Check them regularly, but especially in spring.


70% humidity is best for this plant to get the best out of their leaves. I would use a humidifier, but you can spray them regularly, although it is best to keep them somewhere humid rather than spray them.

Tip: Keep them humid, aim for 70% in the day and they’ll be ok with a bit less at night. You can buy a humidity meter (affiliate link) to keep an eye on maximum and minimum levels.

Philodendron Esmeraldense Temperature

16-28°C (61-82°F) is a good range for these plants. They don’t need anything special as long as you avoid cold temperatures in the winter (try to keep them above 10°C or 50°F).

Philodendron Esmeraldense Propagation

Take stem cuttings with one leaf and one node to propagate. Choose healthy sections of the plant for the best chances of success. Let the wounds callous over for a few hours, then put the cutting in sphagnum moss, soil or water to root. I get the best results with moss, but all will work. Keep it bright and humid until it roots well and then starts to out leaf growth, at which point you can pot it up into a good philodendron soil.

Is Philodendron Esmeraldense Toxic To Cats?

They are moderately toxic to cat and dogs if eaten and can cause a variety of symptoms including vomiting. If you think your pet may have eaten any, contact your vet immediately and seek their advice.

Philodendron Esmeraldense Narrow Form

The philodendron esmeraldense narrow form is a much thinner leaved variant of the esmeraldense. It is much rarer and costs a lot more because of this. It’s a stunning plant.

Philodendron Esmeraldense Vs Patriciae

The Esmeraldense is wider than the thinner more elongated Patriciae. We covered this in our Patriciae article, for more info see: Philodendron Patriciae Care.

Is It A Climber Or Crawler?

The Esmeraldense is a climbing philodendron.

Anthurium Esmeraldense Vs Philodendron Esmeraldense

The anthurium has much smoother leaf edges, whilst the philodendron esmeraldense has rougher edges. The anthurium esmeraldense and philodendron esmeraldense are very different plants, but they have relatively similar leaf shapes. They are both from Ecuador.

philodendron esmeraldense price

They got from 50 to 150 euros at the time of writing.

philodendron esmeraldense USDA Zone

Zones 9b-11.

Where To Buy

Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.

Philodendron Esmeraldense Care FAQs and Common Problems

Common issues are pests on those big leaves, so check for aphids and other pests when you water them.

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Philodendron Esmeraldense Care
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