Philodendron Florida Ghost
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Philodendron Florida Ghost

Welcome to our guide to Philodendron Florida Ghost care and propagation. It is a beautifully leaved plant, it is perfect for standing on it’s own and demanding attention in a space with white and minty hues to its leaves. The key to getting the best out of this plant, is a well draining soil, humidity, avoid over watering and keep it close to a grow light to encourage the white ‘ghost’ coloring.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check once a week, water if the top 50% of soil is dry.
Fertilizer:A high nitrogen feed every 3 weeks in the summer.
Soil:A well draining, loose, organic soil 
Temperature:18°C to 25°C (64-77°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Over and under watering, as well as bacterial diseases on the leaves.


Originating from South America, the philodendron florida ghost is a real stand out plant, it could be your only plant, it will demand all the attention in your home. It’s a cultivar of the philodendron pedatum, which throws out green or milky creamy-white ornamentally shaped leaves and red stems. This is a real show stopper!

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Light Needs

Bright indirect sunlight is best for tropical plants like the florida ghost. Don’t let it burn in direct sun, but it needs a lot of indirect sunlight to encourage the creamy white foliage. A grow light is great for a florida ghost, it will really help to encourage the shite and minty leaf coloring.

Tip: make sure the new leaves are as close as possible to a grow light to encourage the white ‘ghost’ leaves and the beautiful minty hues too. If they are not close to bright light you will only get normal green leaves and not those white/mint colors.

How Often to Water

Check your plant once a week and water it if the top 50% of soil is dry. I like to tip out the excess water after watering so that the plant does not sit in wet soil. I would be careful with a philodendron like this, they can get root quite easily, so make sure the plant is not in sodden soil.


Use a high nitrogen feed every 3 weeks in the summer months to encourage leaf growth. Make sure it is well diluted to avoid fertilizer burn as that will show on the leaves.


A well draining, loose, organic soil is best for your florida ghost. Philodendrons are better underwatered than overwatered, so make sure the soil is really well draining. You can add perlite for drainage too. For more on Philodendron soil see our guide on what to buy or how to make your own: Philodendron Soil.

Philodendron Florida Ghost
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When To Repot A Philodendron Florida Ghost

Repot your plant when it is root bound and you see the roots growing out the bottom of the pot. The best time of year to do this is in spring so it has the whole growing season to grow into it’s new pot.


60%-70% is ideal, which means giving it some extra humidity with a pebble tray, humidifier or misting. The leaves can get stuck unfurling or go crispy if you don’t give them enough humidity.

Tip: Get a humidity meter to monitor the temperature and humidity (they give maximum and minimum read outs so you know if they are falling off at night). They’re really cheap these days, under 10 euros / dollars.


18°C to 25°C (64-77°F) is the day time. Your florida ghost will do well in most household temperatures. At night or in the winter aim for a minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F).

Where To Buy A Philodendron Florida Ghost

Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Propagation

To propagate a philodendron florida ghost:

  1. Take a top cutting including a node. It is ideal if it already has aerial roots (but ok if not).
  2. You only need one leaf, but it must have a node (the knuckle on the main stem where the main branch puts out smaller branches).
  3. Cut using clean and sterile scissors or a really sharp knife, being careful not to cut any other part of the plant
  4. Let the cutting callous over for an hour at least, so that the wound heals. This will reduce the risk of root rot.
  5. Put the cutting in a jar of wet sphagnum moss or pre-soaked leca.
  6. Keep the cutting in bright indirect sunlight and keep it warm and humid. I put mine in a big plastic box under grow lights to keep it humid and bright and warm,
  7. The roots should develop over the next 1 to 3 months, then it should start to grow leaves from the top.
  8. You can then pot it up, to a bigger pot.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint

There is another version of the ghost sold under the name Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint, which has mint-green speckles on the leaves. It is a really stunning, with beautiful coloring, like the light mint green of the syngonium mojitos, but all one color. However! The plant is just the same as a normal Florida Ghost, it has got it’s coloring from it’s proximity to the light. We go into more info on this below…

How to Get White or Mint Leaves on a Florida Ghost

White leaves on a Florida Ghost only occur when the plant is really close to a grow light (or strong indirect sunlight). The plant must almost be touching the light. The leave get darker with time naturally, but new leaves can be made white by putting it really close the grow light. If you move it slightly further away you can get that really nice mint color too.

Florida Ghost USDA Zone

Zones 9-11.

Is It Toxic To Cats?

They are moderately toxic to cat and dogs if eaten and can cause a variety of symptoms including vomiting. If you think your pet may have eaten any, contact your vet immediately and seek their advice.

Technical, Trend and Price Info

Habitat And General Info

Genus/Species: Genus: Philodendron. Species: Philodendron Pedatum Flordia Ghost.

Natural Habitat: None tis plant is a cultivar.

Zones: 9-11 (source).

Are they toxic to pets?: Toxic to dogs and cats.


Taken September 2021, showing the last 5 years of worldwide Google search traffic.

Source: Google Trends

Price Data

Europe: 70-150 Euros. USA: 80-120 USD.

(Prices taken from Etsy and Ebay sellers, September 2021, for a full plant).

Social Demand

Instagram Trend: 38977 uses of tag #philodendronfloridaghost.

(Count taken September 2021).


No patent data found.

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Philodendron Florida Ghost FAQs and Common Problems

Be careful of fire blight (or erwina blight) which is a bacterial disease that can affect philodendrons and other plants, it causes spots on the stems and leaves. If you see rotting spots on your plant, spray it a few times a week with a neem oil solution, and cut off the infected areas. Try to keep the stems and leaves dry, as the blight likes moisture. Keep an eye on your other plants too in case it spreads.

Is It A Climber Or A Crawler?

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a climbing philodendron.

Is It Slow Growing?

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a not a fast growing house plant, they put out leaves quite slowly.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Reverted

The Florida Ghost’s leaves will come out white as long as it gets enough light. If not given enough light they can start to grow darker. If yours is not as bright as it should be then move it closer to the window (as bright as possible without direct sun).

Philodendron White Ghost

The white ghost is another name for the Florida ghost. It is just another name for it. If they appear whiter, they have just been under a light.

Florida Beauty Vs Florida Ghost

Both the Florida beauty and Florida ghost are pedatums. They both have the same leaf shape. The Florida beauty is a variegated version of the pedatum with dark green and white green splotches on each leaf. The ghost does not have these patterns, it has all white ‘ghost’ leaves that grow out the top of the plant that darken off as they mature.

Florida Ghost Vs Pedatum

The pedatum is the original all green plant, and the florida ghost is a version of the pedatum that puts out much whiter leaves. They both look really similar but the pedatum has all dark green leaves.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Scientific Name

Philodendron Pedatum ‘Florida Ghost’ is the scientific name.

Florida Ghost Vs Florida Green

The philodendron florida green is all green, it does not have white or mint leaves, live the florida ghost.

Florida Ghost Vs Squamiferum

The philodendron squarmiferum is related to the florida ghost. But the squarmiferum has much wider and fatter leaves that are green and do not turn white or mint.

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Philodendron Florida Ghost
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