Syngonium Mojito
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Syngonium Mojito Care

Welcome to my syngonium mojito care for and propagate guide. I have a few of them, they are really easy to grow and prop. I run down all you need to know…

Syngonium Mojito Care Summary

Light needs:Medium to bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check weekly, water if top 50% of the soil is dry.
Fertilizer:Not necessary, if you do, use a balanced fed monthly in spring and summer.
Soil:A well draining potting mix with 20% perlite. 
Temperature:15-30°C (59-86°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy.
Common issues:Yellow leaves due to over watering and leaf curling or crisping due to lack of humidity.


Mint green and dark green mottled coloring have made the syngonium mojito a really in demand plant. The syngonium mojito variegation is a real showstopper, I love mine, they are really easy to look after and propagate too…

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Light Needs

These are great house plants and can survive in most areas of your home from the lower end of medium indirect sunlight, all the way up to bright indirect sunlight. In lower light areas the variegation can fade, so be careful, you can always move it if you see it has faded.

How Often to Water

Let your syngonium mojito dry out about 50% before watering again. Check it once a week but only water if needed, this will ensure you do not over or under water.

Tip: do not let these plants sit in wet soil, only water them when most of the soil is dry, then tip out any water that is left in the saucer underneath to avoid root rot.

One of my syngonium mojitos
One of my syngonium mojitos


You do not have to feed a syngonium but it will grow quicker if you do. A balanced feed once a month in the spring and summer will encourage growth.


A well draining soil with about 20% added perlite is ideal. Keeping the roots from getting waterlogged is always a great idea as root rot is the biggest killer. You can use a soil for any other aroid too, see our guide here: Philodendron Soil.

When To Repot A Syngonium Mojito

Repot them regularly as they will grow quickly and fill out their current pot. Mine seem to grow really quickly. Repotting time is a good time to take cuttings too – sphag ’em and bag ’em!


50% humidity is ideal for syngoniums. They will flourish if given the high end of normal household humidity. They will be fine in lower levels, too, but get them to 50% to get the best out of them.


15-30°C (59-86°F) is optimum, so they’ll do well in most homes. Don’t let them get near cold draughts in the winter though and try to keep them above (10°C-50°F).

One of my smaller Syngonium Mojito cuttings
One of my smaller Syngonium Mojito cuttings

Syngonium Mojito Propagation

Syngoniums grow really quickly and so are really easy to propagate. The best way to propagate a mojito is to take a stem cutting with a node and a couple of leaves, and plant it in soil (or sphagnum moss). Keep it humid, warm and bright but not direct sunlight, i.e. put it next to bright window, and in a propagation box or plastic bag. Keep it moist and refresh the air every two days. It should root well with two months. They grow really quickly and are very easy to get a successful propagation as long as you avoid rot.

I would let it callous over for a couple of hours after taking the cutting, as then the wounds will seal over and the chance of rot will be much lower.

See our full guide here: Syngonium Mojito Propagation.

Tip: you can grow it in water alone. Take a cutting and root it in a jar of water, and then keep ti there indefinitely. They look great when you can see the roots.

Reverted Syngonium Mojito

Syngonium mojitos can lose their variegation, it is most commonly caused by too much or too little sunlight, try to give it bright indirect sunlight. You can also cut it back to encourage it to grow back variegated, we cover all you need to know about that in our full guide here: Reverted Syngonium Mojito,

A reverted Syngonium Mojito
If not given the right light conditions syngonium mojitos can revert and lose their variegation, as you can see from mine here.

Syngonium Army Vs Mojito

The syngonium army is a syngonium mojito, but sold as ‘army’ due to a pronounced variegation that looks like camouflage. They are same plant.

Mottled Syngonium Vs Mojito

The mottled syngonium and the mojito are the same plant, just sold under different names. The mojito and mottled names describe the same minty mottling of color on the green leaves. Don’t pay more for one, as they are exactly the same!

Mint Syngonium

There is no official plant called a mint syngonium, but often the mojito is sold under this name due to it’s color. I have also seen other mint-green arrowheads sold under this name too. You are probably buying a syngonium mojito if you see it advertised as mint syngonium.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy.

Other Names

Syngonium Podophyllum Mottled Mojito, Mojito Arrowhead Plant, Syngonium Army, Mottled Syngonium, Syngonium Podophyllum Mojito.

Syngonium Mojito Care FAQs and Common Problems

They can get pests like spider mites and fungus gnats so make sure you check above and under and the leaves each time you water. This way you get on top of the issue before it becomes a problem.

What Is The Difference Between Syngonium Albo And Mojito?

The mojito has light green variegation, the albo has white.

Yellow Leaves

Yellow leaves on a syngonium is a common issue and could be due to over or underwatering. So make sure you are watering the plant only if it needs it but checking it regularly. Also check it’s humidity levels, as it could get yellow leaves from being in dry air.

Leaf Curling

Leaf curling occurs commonly in the syngoniums when the humidity is too low. So move them to an environment with more humidity, or put a wet pebble tray under the plant.

Leaf Crisping

Crispy leaves occur from underwatering, low humidity or sometimes too much direct sun. So make sure it is well watered and humid but out of direct sunlight.

A syngonium mojito
One of my mojitos

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