Reverted Syngonium Mojito
Reverted Plant,  Syngonium

Reverted Syngonium Mojito

My syngonium mojito reverted, it was fairly depressing when it just turned back to all green leaves to be honest! This can happen for a number of reasons, but is normally due to light.

First of all, don’t worry if you get a one-off all green leaf, but if you get a couple in a row it is a good idea to take action sooner rather than later. Once the plant is putting out all green leaves it is difficult to get it back, if at all. So you want to catch it early.

It needs as much bright indirect sunlight as you can give it to encourage the variegation, the biggest cause of reversion is due to too little light. It doesn’t necessarily get more variegation from brighter light, but can revert if kept in too little light.

They also can revert due to stress, like very cold or hot temperatures, so be careful.

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How To Fix A Reverted Syngonium Mojito

The best thing if your plant has started to put out all green leaves is to cut them off, and then cut the plant back to the last part of the stem that was variegated, where you can see white stripes on the stem.
Then move the plant to a bright spot in the home (but no direct sun), and hope that the new growth is variegated. This fixes the issue in most cases.

But, if it grows back reverted again, you can cut the plant back even further. As a last resort you can cut the whole plant up into separate cuttings and water propagate them all. Then you get a lot of different tries to rescue it. Out of all the water props, and the main plant, one or two might grow out variegated again. I did this with a reverted pink princess philodendron, you can read about that here Reverted Philodendron Pink Princess.

Reverted Syngonium Mojito – frequently asked questions

Why Is My Syngonium Mojito Reverting?

They revert when they get too little light, the variegation will start to fade and newer leaves may be all green.

Can A Reverted Syngonium Go Back To Being Variegated?

You can encourage variegation by giving the plant more light, move it to somewhere it gets bright indirect sunlight. You can also cut the reverted leaves back. If they are all green it may have gone too far and be too difficult to get the variegation back, so act quickly.

What Is Reversion In Plants?

Variegation is a mutation and the plant can lose it and revert back to it’s all green form.

My reverted syngonium mojito
Here’s my reverted syngonium mojito. It is really far gone to be honest! I chopped the whole plant up and water propagated it to see if any grow back variegated.

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