Philodendron Gloriosum propagations in leca
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Philodendron Gloriosum Propagation In Leca

Our guide to philodendron gloriosum propagation in leca, covering all you need to know with pictures from my propagations.

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What You’ll Need To Propagate A Gloriosum in Leca

You will need:

  • A philodendron gloriosum
  • Leca or clay pebbles
  • A clear cup
  • A sharp knife or scissors
a philodendron gloriosum

Philodendron Gloriosum Propagation In Leca

Step 1:

Take a cutting of your gloriosum, make sure you get a node for each one and be sure not to damage it. You only need one leaf, stem and node per cutting. The node is the part of the stem that grows horizontally, you need it as this is where the cutting will root from. I’ve highlighted it in red below. It may already have roots growing from it. Be careful not to damage the nodes or they won’t root.

Step 2:

Once you have your cuttings let them callous over for a few hours so the wounds heal.

Step 3:

Then put them in a jar of filtered tap water to root and keep it topped up until they have some roots emerging.

philodendron gloriosum cuttings rooting in water

Step 4:

You can see in the image below these have started to root, but I will leave them for another week or so for the roots to be a bit bigger than this.

philodendron gloriosum cuttings

Step 5:

When they have a few roots each you can get a cup half full with leca (rinse it a few times first and then soak it for a few hours). Then put the cuttings in the cup of leca and fill in around them with more leca to hold them up. They can easily fall over at this stage or even fall out of the pot as they have not rooted into the leca yet, so be careful with them.

Step 6:

Give them some water, about a 1/3 of an inch or a couple of centimeters at the bottom of the cup, so that the water level is below the cutting. The clay pebbles can suck up the water they need. You want to use filtered tap water or you can get a white mineral build up.

Step 7:

Keep the water topped up at that level and keep the cutting in indirect sunlight and it should root in to the leca over the next 2 months.

Step 8:

Once it is well established you can move it to a bigger pot of leca and gradually introduce semi hydroponic fertilizer to it. Or move it to soil.

philodendron gloriosum propagation in leca

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