Philodendron Florida Ghost Propagation
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Philodendron Florida Ghost Propagation

Welcome to our guide to philodendron florida ghost propagation. I go into detail with step by step instructions and pictures of my plants as I’ve cut them.

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What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • A philodendron florida ghost with a few leaves and nodes established that can be cut off.
  • Sharp, clean scissors, and/or a clean sharp knife
  • A pot or plastic cup
  • A potting medium: soil, leca or sphagnum moss

How To Propagate Philodendron Florida Ghost In Water

Step 1

Start with a plant that is big enough to take a cutting from. Be careful with younger plants as the nodes can be very close together.

Philodendron florida ghost before propagation
My philodendron florida ghost before propagation

Step 2

Cut the main plant in so as to leave it with at least a node and a leaf to re-grow back from.

Taking cuttings from a florida ghost

Step 3

I then remove the cataphylls and other loose organic or leaf matter from around the nodes as this can rot when you put the cutting in water. You can see what came off in the picture below. I also brush off any soil that might be on the cuttings as you do not want that in the water jar either.

Cleaning the cuttings of organic matter

Step 4

Then I chop the cuttings up into separate cuttings, you are ok with a florida ghost to get one node and one leaf. Make sure the leaf is fully unfurled first, or get two leaves.

The nodes can be really close together so be careful. You can see in the picture below that there is hardly any space around the node. So make sure you take your time when cutting, and do not damage the node, a a sharp blade or scissors is really helpful with this.

Separating the cuttings into smaller ones with at least one leaf and one node

Step 5

After you have taken the cutting and make sure the wound where the plant was cut has calloused over before it putting it in water. Or the cutting can rot more easily if water gets in the cut site. Leaving it aside for 4 or 5 hours should be enough for the wounds to be sealed over.

Letting the florida ghost cuttings callous over before adding water.

Step 6

Then put it in water to root. They start rooting in days, but it can take up to 10 weeks for the roots to be well established. Sometimes they can have well developed roots much earlier, just keep an eye on the jar.

You want to keep the jar topped up with water, and keep an eye out for rot or if the water goes cloudy. When it is rooting keep it out of direct sun but give it indirect light.

You can keep the in water but they will not grow very fast. I move mine to soil after a couple of months. See below for more propagation methods.

The final f ghost cuttings in water

Propagating In Soil, Moss Or Leca

I get a plastic cup and put a layer of leca in the bottom, so I do not need drainage holes, then I fill the cup half-full with soil, then I put the cutting on top of that and hold it in place and fill in around the cutting with soil. I press it down lightly and then add a bit more soil.

Keep it close to a grow light to encourage the minty and white coloration of new leaves.

For more on this see our guide : How To Make A Philodendron Florida Ghost White.

Philodendron florida ghost propagation in sphagnum moss

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