Monstera pinnatipartita propagation
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Monstera Pinnatipartita Propagation

Welcome to our guide to monstera pinnatipartita propagation, I run through water propagation as well as soil and leca, which I’ve used personally. There’s plenty of pictures too. If you have any further questions on tis, please get in contact.

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What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • A medium to large sized monstera pinnatipartita
  • Sharp knife
  • Jar or cup or filtered tap water
  • (optional: plant pot with soil)

How To Propagate Monstera Pinnatipartita In Water

These plants are really easy to propagate, I have loads which I have propagated from just one plant. I always use water first as I can take a lot of cuttings and root them with very little fuss in one jar of water.

You can then move them to soil, or another medium like leca. Soil is great for them once they are established as they really need something to climb up and soil can support a stake easily.

Step 1:

Make the cutting, cut below the node and try to get 2 leaves per cuttings. Use sharp and clean scissors or a knife.

You can see in the image below I took a lot of cuttings in one go. If your plant is big enough you can get a lot.

A monstera pinnatipartita
Monstera pinnatipartita cuttings

Some are really close together, and it is easy to cut them, and others can be really tightly packed together. You want to be really careful and use a sharp knife, making sure you cut directly between the node and do not damage them.

Step 2:

Put the cutting aside for half a day or so. This way the open wounds can seal over before putting the cutting in water. If you leave the cuts open they can rot more easily. It only take a few hours to let them heal.

Monstera pinnatipartita cuttings, left to callous over

Step 3:

Fill a jar with water and put the cuttings in it so that no leaves are touching the water (as it can cause them to rot), and so the nodes are under the water. The roots will grow from the node, so make sure it is full submerged.

Monstera pinnatipartita cuttings in a jar waiting to propagate.
Before putting the water in I make sure the nodes will be under the surface.

Step 4:

Keep the cutting out of direct sun, but in a fairly bright place to encourage growth and rooting, don’t let it get too cold either. It can start rooting with in days, and can take 8 weeks or so to get a full root system.

Step 5:

Keep the water topped up and change the water if it goes cloudy. If the water goes cloudy check the cuttings too as one could have turned rotten, and you’ll need to remove it.

Step 6:

You can keep the cutting in water alone as long as you keep it topped up. Or you can move the cutting the soil, or other mediums. You can see one of my older monstera pinnatipartita propagations below, which have a well developed root system. You can keep them in water for a s longas you like as long as you avoid cloudiness, if it gets cloudy change the water and make sure nothing has started to rot.

A monstera pinnatipartita water propagation with roots.
A monstera pinnatipartita water propagation with roots.

Monstera Pinnatipartita Propagation In Leca

If you are moving the cutting to leca, I would wash and soak the leca before hand, and then half fill a cup with leca, and hen put the cutting and fil it around with leca. I then fill up the cup with water all the way the first time. This is to help the cutting acclimatize slowly from water to leca. Then let the water get used up, once it is used up, you can keep it at a low level in the bottom of the pot, like a reservoir to keep the leca moist but not so much water that it is touching the cutting.

A monstera pinnatipartita propagation win leca

Monstera Pinnatipartita Propagation In Soil

You can water propagate the plant and then move it to soil too. You do not want to leave the cutting in water too long as the rotos cuttings develop in water are different to if they develop in soil and you can shock the cutting by moving it soil (although this is rare). but I find if you water propagate the cutting for two months or less and then move it to soil you get a high success rate as the roots are already developed. You can put the cutting straight into soil, but I get much better results water propping it for a month or so first.

Once in soil you want to keep the moist slightly moist but not soaking wet. Keep it humid, warm and well lit. You can increase the humidity around it by keeping it in bigger box or plastic bag with the top open so some air can circulate.

You’ll know when the propagation stage is over as it will have established roots in the soil and stated to grow new leaves too.

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