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Philodendron Brasil Care

Philodendron Brasil Care Summary

Philodendron brasil care is relatively easy, these plants can survive a range of light ranges including lower light areas of your home. You need to let the top layer of soil dry out between watering to prevent root rot but other than that they are not fussy.

Philodendron Brasil Care Summary

Light needs:Will do well in low light areas up to lots of indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Water if top layer is dry, check once a week.
Fertilizer:Not absolutely necessary, but you can feed a well-diluted balanced fertilizer once a month in the spring and summer months.
Soil: A well-draining peat based potting compost.
Humidity:Normal household humidity is fine, but you can mist them when watering too.
Temperature:20°C-27°C (70-80°F) is ideal, don’t let them get down to below 10°C (50°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Philodendron hederaceum brasil.
Common issues:Yellowing from overwatering.


Welcome to our philodendron brasil care guide. The Philodendron brasil is a type of of heartleaf philodendron, with striking yellow and light green variegation on it’s leaves in bold chunky stripes. It is a very easy to look after and quick growing vine plant. It has become really popular for it’s variegated leaves, and the fact that it can sruvive in low light areas, as well as being very easy to look after and propagate. It will do well in many different areas of your home.

It actually grows very similar to a pothos and is sometimes mis-sold as one (for more on this see Philodendron Vs Pothos).

Philodendron Brasil Light Needs

These plants will do well in fairly low light areas of your home as well a sunny spots full of indirect sunlight. Just don’t expose them to direct sunlight which will burn them. The brighter the light the brighter the variegation too. In low light areas the variagation might become a bit duller.

If they become long and leggy from too much low light, then you can prune off the leggy stems and water propagate them to make more plants. You can even plant the newly rooted cuttings back in with the main plant to make it bushier.

How Often to Water A Philodendron Brasil

Test your plant before you water it with your finger and if the top layer is dry then water them, you want them to be wet but not sit in water. Check them once a week to see if they need watering. Be carful not to over water them, as although they are not that fussy one of the biggest killer of this plant is root rot from overwatering so do not let them get soggy for long period of time.

If you do overwater them and are worried, take a few cuttings just in case.

Philodendron Brasil Fertilizer

You don’t necessarily need to feed your brasil, but if you do they’ll grow faster. A well-diluted balanced fertilizer once a month in the spring and summer months will suit these plants.

Philodendron Brasil Soil

Philodendrons like a well-draining peat based potting compost. They are fairly tough, but can be susceptible to root rot from overwatering, especially in low light areas where they need less water. So a well draining potting mixture is ideal for them.

When To Repot A Philodendron Brasil

Repot the plant when it becomes pot bound, it is best to do this early on in the growing months of spring and summer. This will then encourage growth through the main growing season to follow.

Philodendron Brasil Humidity

Normal household humidity will suit your plants well, they’re not fussy. You can mist them when watering if you like, they’re tropical houseplants after all.

Philodendron Brasil Temperature

These plants do well in the warmer end of normal household temperatures 20°C-27°C (70-80°F), but don’t let them get down to below 10°C (50°F) in winter or at night as the cold can kill them.

Where To Buy A Philodendron Brasil

You’ll find these popular plants at many florists, plant shops and garden centers. Try to support your local plant store if you can. If not, try Etsy, or even one of the stores in our article: Rare Plant Shops.

Other Names for Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron hederaceum brasil.

Philodendron Brasil FAQs and Common Problems

Leaves yellowing

A very common issue is over watering which can cause leave to turn yellow. The best thing to do is check the soil and if it is soaking wet take the plant out of it and let the roots dry, then repot into dry soil.

Leaves losing colour or variegation

If your plant loses it colour then move it into a brighter location, it needs more indirect sunlight. Variegated plants need more sunlight as they do not photosynthesize as well as purely green leaves, however they are also more sensitive to burning too because of the lighter coloured areas of the leaves, so be careful.

How To Make Philodendron Brasil Bushier

The best way to make a philodendron brasil bushier is to take cuttings from it, this will encourage more stems to grow from where one was before. You can then propagate the cuttings and plant them back in with the main plant which will make it even more bushier.

Philodendron Brasil Reverting

A variegated plant like a philodendron brasil can lose its variegation if it doesn’t get enough light. The plant will do well inmost low light conditions, but it does need a certain amount of indirect sunlight and if it gets under this amount for an extended period of time it can start to turn all green. Don’t worry there is an easy fix! Just give the plant more indirect sunlight, move it to slightly brighter space in your home.

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