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Top 5 Affordable Variegated Houseplants

Variegated Houseplants – Introduction

Welcome to our really awesome affordable variegated houseplants list. Variegated plants like the monstera adansonii and monstera albos have gone for huge sums of money online in the last year or so, mainly due to much higher demand for houseplants in general, while supply has not been able to keep up. Here we run down 5 beautifully variegated plants that can be bought for less than 50 euros and most of them for even less than 20.

For more info on the more expensive variegated monsteras see our articles Monstera Adansonii Variegated, Monstera Albo and Monstera Thai Constellation.

Here are our top 5 affordable variegated houseplants:

1. ‘Tineke’ Rubber Plant (aka Ficus Elastica ‘Tineke’)

Price: less than 20 euros

Care: tineke rubber plants are easy to care for and like bright but indirect sunlight to keep it’s coloring. Water regularly but let the top layer dry out first. To learn more about caring for this plant see Rubber Plant Care.

What we like about the plant: the variegated Tineke Rubber plant is number one on our list for good reason, it is easy to care for and looks amazing with the almost pixelated borders of white and green around it’s leaf edges. It is really easy to care for and to propagate too. You can find many for sale online including Etsy.

Variegated Houseplants - Tineke

2. Marble Queen Pothos

Price: less than 20 euros.

Care: like other pothos these are not fussy plants, just don’t over water them and give them plenty of indirect sunlight. For more on pothos see Pothos Propagation and Pothos Plant Care.

What we like about the plant: there are a few types of pothos we could include in this article to be honest, but the marble queen is easily the best in my opinion! It is an absolute stunner, it’s mottled green and white variegated patterns make it a stand out plant that draws more attention than much more expensive plants.

Variegated Houseplants - Marble Queen

3. Syngonium Albo Variegata

Price: less than 50 euros

Care: These Albo Variegatas like bright indirect sunlight. Water then when the top layer dries out and give them an occasional misting, will keep variegated syngoniums happy. Be careful not to burn the leaves with direct sunlight though. For more on syngoniums see Arrowhead Plant Care and Syngonium guide.

What we like about the plant: the variegated white patches can take up large areas of the syngonium albo variegata, much like the more expensive monstera albo, they demand attention!

Variegated Houseplants - Syngonium Albo Variegata

4. Philodendron Birkin

Price: less than 25 euros

Care: the birkin will do well in bright indirect sunlight to preserve it’s variegations, as well as regular watering. See our article Philodendron Care for more info.

What we like about the plant: The philodendron birkin has variegated stripes on it’s dark green leaves, and is a cheap way to get hold of a really nice variegated philodendron.

Philodendron Birkin

5. Calathea Triostar

Price: less than 15 euros

Care: this is perfect for darker areas of your home that do ot get as much light, it likes the higher end of household humidity so mist it regularly.

What we like about the plant: we could do a whole article on calatheas really, and most of them could be taking this please, but but I’m including one of my favourites – the calathea triostar, with it’s really white swathes of variegation, alongside pink and green this will stand out dramatically. I absolutely love this plant.

Variegated Houseplants - Calathea Triostar

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Hope you liked our article on variegated houseplants that won’t break the bank. One of the things I would recommend if you’re looking for a variegated plant on a budget is to search on Etsy or Ebay for ‘variegated plant’ and then filter for price for less than 30 euros for example. Good luck in your search!

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