Peperomia Tetragona
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Peperomia Tetragona

Welcome to our peperomia tetragona care guide, an easy to look after plant as long as you don’t overwater it…

Peperomia Tetragona Care Summary

Light needs:Medium to bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check it weekly and water when the soil is dry all the way down.
Fertilizer:A balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer.
Soil:A rich, well draining soil
Temperature:20°C to 25°C (68-77°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Parallel Peperomia.
Common issues:Overwatering causing root rot.


The peperomia tetragona grows in Bolivia Paraguay and Peru. It makes a great little houseplant…

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Light Needs

Give your plant medium to bright indirect sunlight. If they are in lower end of this range, keep an eye out to make sure they don’t get spaced out and leggy if they do you can move them closer to the window.

How Often To Water A Peperomia Tetragona

The peperomia tetragona must not be overwatered, so check it weekly and water when the soil is dry all the way down.

Tip: under water these plants rather than overwater them. They are tolerant of most conditions, but will get root rot easily if you let them sit in soggy soil. For the same reasons you should make you tip out any water from the bottom saucer after watering, and the plant should be in a well draining mix with some perlite.


Feed it a balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer. Don’t feed them in the winter when the temperatures drop and growth slows down.


Give them a rich, well draining soil. They get root rot easily so add some perlite to the soil to avoid this issue. A good mix is one part perlite to four parts soil so aid drainage.

When To Repot A Peperomia Tetragona

Check the plants roots each year and give them a bigger pot if starting to get crowded.

Peperomia Tetragona - leaf close up
Peperomia Tetragona – leaf close up.
Image source Jerzy OpiołaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Peperomias do well in most households, but mist it occasionally if the air is dry. They ideally want 40-50%.


The ideal range is 20°C to 25°C (68-77°F). They do well in almost all homes. They can tolerate really low temperature, down to almost freeing, but they prefer more constant environments.

How To Propagate Peperomia Tetragona

Peperomia tetragona propagation is really easy, you can water prop them by taking a stem cutting with a couple of nodes and a few leaves. Remove leaves from the lower node and then put the cutting in a jar of water to root. The leaves should be out of the water with at least one naked node with no leaves below the surface of the water. Keep the water topped up (only change it if it gets cloudy) and keep in indirect sunlight and it should root in a month. Then you can pot it up into soil and treat it as a juvenile plant.

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Peperomia Tetragona USDA Zone

They can grow outside in zones 9-11.

Is It Toxic To Cats?

They are not toxic to cats or dogs.

Peperomia Tetragona Vs Angulata

The peperomia tetragona and angulata (aka quadrangularis) are really similar with small oval leaves with ribs running lengthways down them in a lighter green than the rest of the leaf. The angulata is slightly darker green with less ribs on the leaves, but the ribs are deeper.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy.

Other Names

Parallel Peperomia

FAQs And Common Problems

Overwatering causing root rot is a real issue, just give them a well draining medium and only water when 100% dry.

Additional Resources

Buy: we recommend a digital thermometer hygrometer (amazon affiliate link) to measure humidity.


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Peperomia Tetragona

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