Pink Lady Peperomia
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Pink Lady Peperomia

Pink lady peperomia is all about keeping it well drained and avoiding overwatering…

Pink Lady Peperomia Summary

Light needs:Medium to bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Let the top 60% of soil dry out before watering again. Check once a week.
Fertilizer:A balanced feed in the spring and summer.
Soil:Standard potting compost with added 10% perlite.
Temperature:16-27°C (61-81°F).
Where to buy:Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Overwatering.


The pink lady peperomia is a cute little peperomia, popular for its pink coloring along the edge of some of its leaves. The main thing to take note of with any peperomia is to be really careful not to overwater it. They are not fussy in any regard really, except if sitting in water logged soil.

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Pink Lady Peperomia Light Needs

Medium to bright indirect sunlight is best. They’ll be fine in anywhere above low light.

How Often to Water

Let the top 60% of soil dry out before watering again. Check it once a week. Peperomias must not sit in wet soil as they can get root rot easily. This is a really important point, if there is one thing you focus on, make it this! They are really tolerate plants otherwise.

Pink Lady Peperomia Fertilizer

You can feed your pink lady a balanced feed in the spring and summer months.


A multipurpose compost will be fine, I add 10% or 20% perlite to help with drainage.

When To Repot

The pink lady actually likes to be a bit root bound, but if it becomes really pot bound, then you can pot it up a size. Anytime of the year is ok, but spring is ok.


40-50% humidity is ideal for a pink lady peperomia.

Pink Lady Peperomia Temperature

16-27°C (61-81°F) is a good range. Don’t let them get below 10°C in the winter, and avoid draught.

How To Propagate Pink Lady Peperomia

Propagate a pink lady peperomia by taking stem cuttings and rooting them in soil…

  1. Make sure you get at least one node and 2 or 3 leaves.
  2. Put the cuttings directly into soil.
  3. You can also plant leaves direct in the soil, with half of them buried, and the top point sticking out, they will root too.
  4. Water it and then cover the pot in a plastic sandwich bag and seal it almost totally (but leave a small hole of air).
  5. Then put the whole thing is a bright place with no direct sun. Keep the soil moist during this time and change the air in the bag every couple of days.
  6. The cuttings should root in a month, and within two months they should start growing foliage. You can remove the bag at the stage.

Where To Buy

Support your local plant store – these plants come up every now and again. If not try Etsy.

Pink Lady Peperomia
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FAQs and Common Problems

Drooping and leaf curling are common issues due to overwatering, as well as root rot. Peperomias hate to be left in wet soil, make sure you let the water drain off after watering and do not water again until the soil is mostly dry.

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