Grow Pothos In Aquarium

How To Grow Pothos In Aquarium – Growing Guide

Welcome to our guide to growing pothos in a fish tank

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I grow a few pothos cuttings in my fish tank at the moment, it is a really easy way to add plants to your aquarium, I cover all you need to know…

Can I Put Pothos In My Fish Tank?

They do well in fish tanks. I have some growing in mine. They can help to reduce algae growth too. They don’t want to float, it’s a good idea to tie them or fasten them to the side so the leaves are out of the water and the roots are in the water. They don’t need soil to grow you can water propagate them, then keep them in water on going.

Can Pothos Harm My Aquarium?

Yes they do well in aquariums. They can do so well that they deplete other plants from nutrients, so keep it trimmed back and take out any excess pothos.

Pothos Plant Aquarium Holder

You can buy plant holders, there are some available on Etsy.

DIY Pothos Aquarium Holder

You can use wire fasteners to hold the pothos in place, just hook it around the pothos and then hook it to the top of the tank.

Wire to hold the pothos in place
A group of pothos cuttings and wire holder.

Pothos Plant In Goldfish Aquarium

They do fine in a gold fish aquarium, I have some pothos in my fish tank.

Pothos In A Saltwater Aquarium?

Pothos won’t survive in saltwater for very long, they’ll die off. They are suited to fresh water aquariums.

Does Pothos Remove Nitrates From Aquarium?

Yes, pothos, can help to remove nitrates from an aquarium.

Is Pothos Good For Aquariums?

They not only look good they help to filter the water, reducing nitrates and algae.

Pothos In Aquarium Turning Yellow?

Yellow leaves occur from burning from sunlight or fi the plants roots have rot. you can pull the yellow ones out, and leave the rest.

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Pothos growing in a fish tank
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