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    How To Propagate Begonia Maculata (Expert Tips)

    Welcome to my guide on how to propagate begonia maculata. I cover all you need to know about water, soil, moss and leca propagation as well as a few other care tips. Tip: we recommend Etsy for buying plants. Look for the best rated seller you can, and try to buy as close to your home as possible so the plant does not travel too far. A note about affiliate links: when you buy a plant, pots, soil, or other goods through links on this article we sometimes earn a commission. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it really helps us out if you do use them. Thanks a lot!…

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    Begonia Maculata

    Welcome to our guide to begonia maculata care. In general a begonia maculata needs bright indirect sunlight, likes normal household temperatures, well draining soil, lots of humidity, and careful watering to keep them wet buy not soaked. They also like to be root bound. Begonia Maculata Care Summary Light needs: Plenty of indirect sunlight, is ideal, but they’ll tolerate medium light areas too. Watering needs: Keep them moist. Check the soil twice a week and water it if the top layer (an inch or so) is dry. Fertilizer: Balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer. Soil: Well-draining potting compost with plenty of organic matter and added perlite for…

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  • Care For Begonia Rex
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    Care For Begonia Rex

    The key to begonia rex care is moist air, but not moist leaves. They can be tricky to look after but with the right conditions they will thrive… Care For Begonia Rex Summary Light needs: Bright indirect sunlight, and can tolerate direct sunlight too.  Watering needs: Water once it has almost dried out. Check weekly. Fertilizer: Use a well diluted balanced plant feed monthly in the spring and summer. Soil: A very well draining potting mix with added sand and perlite. Humidity: 50%. Do not mist, increase humidity with humidifier or pebble tray Temperature: 18°C-24°C (65-75°F). Where to buy: Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy. Other names:…

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  • Begonia Amphioxus
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    Begonia Amphioxus

    Welcome to out guide to begonia amphioxus care and propagation. The begonia amphioxus is really fussy when it comes to humidity and cold shocks, so you’ll want to keep it in a plant cabinet or jar… Begonia Amphioxus Summary Light needs: Bright indirect sunlight. Watering needs: Water when the top third of the soil has dried out. Check three times a week in warmer months, once a week in colder months. Fertilizer: Use a balanced feed, well diluted each month except in winter. Soil: A well draining but rich potting compost. Humidity: 60-80%. Temperature: 10°C-30°C (50-86°F). Where to buy: Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy. Other names:…

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  • Begonia Pavonina
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    Begonia Pavonina

    Welcome to our guide to the Begonia Pavonina, covering all you need to know about care and propagation… Begonia Pavonina Care Summary Light needs: Medium to bright indirect sunlight. Watering needs: Check soil weekly, water if top 60% or more is dry.  Fertilizer: A balanced feed every 2 or 3 weeks in spring and summer. Soil:  A mix of 75% potting compost and 25% perlite. Humidity: 60%. Temperature: 16°C to 30°C (61-86°F). Where to buy: Try our list of Rare Plant Shops. Other names: Peacock begonia. Common issues: Leaf burn from too much sun, irregular watering. Introduction The Begonia Pavonina aka the Peacock Begonia is known for the metallic-blue glimmering…

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