Care For Begonia Rex
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Care For Begonia Rex

The key to begonia rex care is moist air, but not moist leaves. They can be tricky to look after but with the right conditions they will thrive…

Care For Begonia Rex Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight, and can tolerate direct sunlight too. 
Watering needs:Water once it has almost dried out. Check weekly.
Fertilizer:Use a well diluted balanced plant feed monthly in the spring and summer.
Soil:A very well draining potting mix with added sand and perlite.
Humidity:50%. Do not mist, increase humidity with humidifier or pebble tray
Temperature:18°C-24°C (65-75°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy.
Other names:Painted-leaf begonia, begonia rex-cultorum, rex begonia,
Common issues:Leaf issues like mold and fungus.


Welcome to our guide on how to care for a begonia rex. The rex begonia a.k.a. the begonia rex originates from Asia and has been bred to have beautifully patterned leaves. They do need some care and attention to thrive, though, so please read on…

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Light Needs

These plants do well in bright indirect sunlight, and can tolerate direct sunlight too as long as it is not in long bursts.

How Often to Water A Begonia Rex

Only water a begonia rex once it has almost dried out. Try to water the soil only and not get any on the leaves.


You can feed your begonia rex in the warmer months, feed it every month using a balanced plant feed, but dilute it down by half as these particular plants can be sensitive.


Begonias must not be allowed to sit in water, make sure you have a very well draining potting mix with added sand and perlite.

When To Repot A Begonia Rex

When the plant is really pot bound, plant it up a size in spring. They are ok being a little crowded, in fact they like it.


Aim for 50%. Begonias like humidity but do not like water on their leaves, so do not mist them, but try to increase humidity with a pebble tray if they are in a dry environment.


Begonias do best in household temperatures from 18°C-24°C (65-75°F) during the day and aim to keep them above 10°C (50°F) at night.

Begonia Rex Propagation

You can propagate your begonia rex in few different ways, my preferred method is to root cuttings in water then move them to soil. Take a stem cutting and put it in a jar of filtered water for a month or two, keeping it warm and well lit (but no direct sun). Once it roots in up to two months you can move it to soil and keep it warm, well it and humid until it is well established.

For more on begonias see our begonia category with all our care guides.

Begonia Rex USDA Zone

They can grow outdoors in zones 10-12.

Where To Buy a Begonia Rex

You can buy these from garden centers and specialist plant dealers. Or Etsy.

Other Names for Begonia Rex

Painted-leaf begonia, begonia rex-cultorum, rex begonia,

Begonia Rex FAQs and Common Problems

Begonias can be susceptible to over and under-watering like many houseplants, they also get mold and fungus issue related to their leaves – so try to keep them dry when watering.

Do Begonia Rex Go Dormant?

In the winter their growth can slow down when the temperatures drop. Be careful you don’t overwater them during this period.

Can Rex Begonia Go Outside?

They can go outside as long as the temperatures do not drop below 10°C (50°F) at night.

When Do Begonia Rex Flower?

They bloom in the summer and produce flowers repeatedly until the temperatures drop off in winter.

Is Begonia Rex Toxic To Cats?

Begonia rex are really toxic to pets if ingested, do not let your cat eat these. If they do, seek vets advice immediately.

Why Is My Begonia Rex Drooping?

If begonias don’t get enough water they will let you know by drooping, but be careful as sometimes overwatering can cause it too, so check the soil is dry to diagnose the problem.

Why Is My Begonia Rex Dropping Leaves?

A begonia rex will drop leaves most commonly due to fungus or mold issues – try to keep the leaves dry to avoid these problems. Also be careful about planting them too low in the soil as this can cause the same issues. As winter comes it is normal for healthy plant to drop leaves sometimes too.

Why Are My Rex Begonia Leaves Turning Brown?

Browning leaves is caused by the plant not getting enough water. Water it regularly, but let it almost dry out between.

How To Revive A Begonia Rex?

If it is suffering from overwatering and root rot, take the plant out of it’s pot. Change the soil and dry the roots. Make sure the leaves are not under any soil. The key is not to over water it.

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