Anthurium Clarinervium

Anthurium Crystallinum And Anthurium Clarinervium Care

Welcome to our guide to anthurium clarinervium and anthurium crystallinum care. Those amazing leaves! The key to anthurium crystallinum and anthurium clarinervium care is humidity and keeping the soil slightly moist, we go into detail on anthurium care…

Anthurium Crystallinum And Anthurium Clarinervium Care Summary

Light needs:Indirect sunlight, from medium to bright.
Watering needs:Water once the top inch or 3 cms has dried out. Check them 2 or 3 times a week.
Fertilizer:Feed once a month in summer, use a feed high in nitrogen, well diluted.
Soil:A really well draining compost: orchid mix and peat based compost is a good mix.
Humidity:They like 80% humidity, so mist them 3 times a week or even daily. 
Temperature:18°C-25°C (64-77°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Can be susceptible to fungal infections.


So you’ve got one of these amazing-laved plants and need to know how to get the best out of it. Look no further! Welcome to our guide on how to look after anthurium crystallinum and anthurium clarinervium, as well as other anthuriums (for the other Red Lace ‘flamingo flower’ Anthuriums, see our article Anthurium Care).

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Light Needs

Anthuriums like indirect sunlight, from medium to bright.

How Often to Water An Anthurium

Anthuriums crystallinums and clarinerviums like to be moist. Water them once the top inch or 3 cms has dried out. Check them 2 or 3 times a week, they will require a lot of water in the summer months especially.

Tip: aim to the keep the soil moist but not dry or soaking wet. After watering make sure there is not water left in the saucer or tray under the plant, tip it out as the plant can get root rot if the soil get soggy.


You can feed your anthuriums once a month in summer, use a feed high in nitrogen. Dilute it with twice as much water as the instructions say so as not to burn the leaves.


Anthuriums need really well draining compost, a mixture of orchid mix and peat based compost is a good mix for them.

For more on anthurium soil (what to buy and how to make your own) see our guide here: Anthurium Soil.

When To Repot An Anthurium

Once they outgrow their current pot you can pot them up a size in spring. The roots do not grow really fast so it is not something that you will need to do every year.


Anthuriums crystallinums and clarinerviums like humidity. They like 80% humidity, so mist them daily. Anthuriums are a plant that love a humidifier.


18°C-25°C (64-77°F) is ideal for Anthuriums.

Where To Buy An Anthurium

They are fairly specialist plants but do sometimes come up in florists. You can also try these Rare Plant Shops.

Anthurium Crystallinum Vs Anthurium Clarinervium – What Is The Difference?

There are a few differences between these two plants, the main this is the color and shape of the leaves. They both have green almost heart shaped leaves with vein like patterns across them. But the clarinervium has wider leaves (almost as wide at the are long) of a darker green and the crystallinum has thinner leaves of a lusher middle-green color.

Do Anthurium Clarinervium Flower?

They can flower in spring and summer, they produce long thin spikes of small flowers.

How To Propagate

You need to propagate anthurium clarinervium and anthurium crystallinum via division at the base once the plant has started to put out smaller ‘pups.’ Take the plant out of its pot and shake off all the soil you can. Then gently separate out the plants making sure not to break the stems or roots. You can then pot them up separately.

Anthurium Clarinervium Vs Magnificum

You can tell the difference as the magnificum is much bigger, but has less veins. They have a very similar color and leaf shape.

Anthurium Clarinervium Vs King Clarinervium

The King Clarinervium is a hybrid of the Clarinervium. It’s not an official hybrid and often the king King Clarinervium is a Veithchii, or a hybrid of the two.

Is It Toxic To Cats?

They are toxic to cats if eaten, and can cause vomiting and numbness. So seek vets advice immediately if your pet eats any.


They can love outdoors in zones 11 and 12.

For more on anthuriums see our anthurium category with all our different care and propagation guides.

Anthurium FAQs and Common Problems

Anthuriums are great plants but they can be susceptible to fungal infections. The good news is that most of these come from overwatering, so if you are careful with watering and let the top layer dry out then you should be ok.

Why Is My Anthurium Crystallinum Leaves Turning Yellow?

This can be due to under or over watering, and even irregular watering. The best thing to do is check your plant at least twice a week and then water it if the top layer is dry.

Leaf Mildew

Anthurium leaves sometimes get a powdery mildew on them, this is a fungal infection. It spreads rapidly in the hot and humid environments that anthuriums love. Neem oil spray and wiping the leaves down seems to keep mildew down the best, as well as making sure the leaves get plenty of fresh air to them.

Why Are My Anthurium Clarinervium Leaves Curling?

Leaves curl when they are dry and lack moisture, this is most often due to a lack of humidity but can also be due to lack of water too. Make sure you keep your plant misted.

Brown Leaf Tips

Brown leaf tips occur due to sunburn, and also from fertilizer burn. Make sure the plant is not getting too much light. And if you are feeding fertilizer, then hold off for a bit and when you feed again dilute the feed much more.

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Anthurium Crystallinum
Anthurium Crystallinum

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