Peace Lily Care
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Peace Lily Care

The key to peace lily care is to be careful of root rot as they like to be kept moist, but waterlogging can lead to rot…

Peace Lily Care Summary

Light needs:Plenty of indirect sunlight o get them to flower.
Watering needs:Keep the soil moist, and water when the top layer is dry. Check the soil weekly.
Fertilizer:Use a balanced fertilizer, but diluted with twice as much water as normal.
Soil:Rich, peat-based potting compost with organic matter.
Humidity:50-60%, they like to be humid, mist them if a few times a week.
Temperature:18-27°C (65-80°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Spathiphyllum wallisii, white sails.
Common issues:Root rot is a big problem with peace lilies, do not let them stand in water. 


Peace Lily aka Spathiphyllum wallisii, are white flowering plants quite similar to red anthuriums, but white. They look great! Welcome to our peace lily care guide…

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Light Needs

Indirect sunlight is perfect for peace lilies, they need bright but indirect sunlight to encourage them to flower.

How Often to Water A Peace Lily

Peace lilies droop when they need water, so they will let you know when they need a drink! You should keep the soil moist especially during growing season, you can test it with your finger and if the top layer is dry for more than an inch down (or 2 cms), then water it.


Use a balanced fertilizer, but diluted with twice as much water as the instructions say on the packet or they could burn.


Peace lilies love a peat-based potting compost with organic matter. They want to drain well too, make sure that water does sit in the external pot.

When To Repot A Peace Lily

Repot a peace lily annually in spring, even if you keep them in the same pot. They love organic matter in the soil so changing the compost is great before growing season. You can also pot the plant up a size if needed.


Peace lilies like humidity, aim for 50-60%, you can give them a pebble tray underneath them filled with water to add to the humidity of the environment. You can also mist them when watering to get the best out of them.


The most important thing with peace lilies is to keep them away from cold draughts. A good temperature range for them is 18-27°C (65-80°F) during hte day and down to 10C 50F at night

How To Propagate A Peace Lily

Peace lilies should be propagated by division (stem cuttings will not root). So you need a big enough plant that has plenty of stems.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take the plant out of it’s pot
  2. Remove as much of the soil as you can.
  3. Then you want to separate the smaller plants off. They are normally joined together with a tuber and you may need to break it. Just be as careful as you can, you want to take the smaller plant away with some healthy roots and stems of its own.
  4. Leave the plants for half a day for the wounds to heal over. Then pot the plants up separately.

Peace Lily USDA Zone

They can be grown outdoors in zones 10-11.

Where To Buy a Peace Lily

A lot of florists and plants shops stock peace lilies, always support your local plant store when you can!

Other Names for Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum wallisii, white sails

Peace Lily Care FAQs and Common Issues

Root rot is a big problem with peace lilies, so do not let them stand in water. If your plant gets too much direct sunlight, the leaves can burn sometimes, so be careful.

Why Is My Peace Lily Drooping?

Peace lilies droop when they do not have enough water. This is an easy fix, just water it, and maintain regular watering.

Peace Lily Outdoors

Peace lilies can live outdoors as long as temperatures do not get below 5°C (41°F) for long periods of time.

Do Peace Lily Smell?

They do not smell strongly, but give off a slight floral scent when blooming.

When Do Peace Lily Bloom?

They flower in spring and early summer, the flowers can las a month or so.

Is Peace Lily Toxic To Cats?

Yes peace lilies are toxic to cats. Seek vets advice if eaten. Note: they are not as toxic as real lilies which are know to be very dangerous to cats.

How Many Varieties Of Peace Lilies Are There?

There are now over 50 types of peace lily.

Peace Lily Vs Calla Lily

The calla lily has spiraling or funnel shaped flowers. The peace lily’s flower spathe is only one side of the the flower spike.

Why Is My Peace Lily Not Flowering?

To get your peace lily to flower you need to make sure it is getting it’s optimum growing conditions, particularly enough light. Give your plant plenty of bright, indirect sunlight.

How To Revive A Peace Lily?

Wilting is a common issue for peace lilies. If you find a wilting peace lily you can revive it by ensuring it has been watered well, but not overwatered (let the top layer dry out before watering again and make sure it has well draining compost). If they get root rot then they will be difficult to save though so make sure they do not get water logged.

Why Is My Peace Lily Turning Brown?

Leaves brown when the plant is stressed from under or over-watering, and they can brown from fertilizer burn. Maintain a regular watering scheduled and do not overfeed.

How To Prune A Peace Lily?

You can cut back a peace lily back after it has flowered and the flower starts to droop, so that the dead flower does not take up too much growing energy.

Why Is My Peace Lily Turning Green?

Peace lilies’ flowers can turn green. The ‘flower’ that turns green is actually a leaf, the flowers are the smaller group of flower hears inside this white leaf. Given that it is a leaf it is normal for it to turn green after it turns white, in this case you can simply cut the ‘flowers’ off so that new one’s grow.

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