Alocasia Wentii
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Alocasia Wentii

Alocasia Wentii is an easy to look after, large houseplant, in this article we’ll run down exactly how to care for it…

Alocasia Wentii Summary

Light needs:Plenty of indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Water it if the top 50% of soil is dry.
Fertilizer:Feed a balanced fertilizer every 3 weeks in spring and summer.
Soil:A rich well draining potting compost.
Temperature:15-30°C (59-86°F). 
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Over and underwatering.


The alocasia wentii is a large alocasia which can grow really glossy red-backed green leaves up to half a meter (20 inches) in size. It is really similar to the more standard elephant ears, but my favorite thing about this plant is the glossy texture of the leaves and their size.

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Alocasia Wentii Light Needs

Plenty of indirect sunlight. They’ll be ok with a bit less, but do not let them get direct sunlight.

How Often to Water

Check your plant once a week in winter, twice a week in summer and water it if the top 50% of soil is dry.


Feed a balanced fertilizer every 3 weeks in the warmer spring and summer to encourage growth.

Alocasia Wentii Soil

A rich well draining potting compost is ideal. You want the soil to be moist but not wet.

For more on which soil to buy or how to make your own see our guide: Alocasia Soil.

When To Repot

Alocasias like to be a little root bound so do not worry about regularly repotting your wentii.

Alocasia Wentii
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Alocasia Wentii Humidity

This plant will do best in 60% humidity, which is at the high end of normal households. But they will do fine in lower levels. Keep them in more humid areas of your home when you can.

Tip: Get a humidity meter to monitor the temperature and humidity (they give maximum and minimum read outs so you know if they are falling off at night). They’re really cheap these days, under 10 euros / dollars.


15-30°C (59-86°F) is ideal. Just don’t let them get down to below 5°C (41°F) for too long in the winter as cold can damage the plants.

Propagating Your Alocasia Wentii

The best way to propagate this plant is to wait for it to ‘pup’ (grow smaller plants at it’s base) and then divide them at the base and repot them up on their own. Follow these steps:

  1. Take the alocasia out of it’s pot.
  2. Brush as much of the soil off the roots as you can.
  3. Gently take the pups away from the main plant, making sure to do as little damage as possible, and taking some of the roots with them.
  4. Leve them for half a day for the wounds to callous over.
  5. Then pot them all up in separate pots of their own and water them in.

Done! Just make sure you are careful and try to keep the roots as intact as possible.

Where To Buy

Try your local garden center or plant shop as they can crop up. Or try one of these Rare Plant Shops.

Other Names

Hardy elephant ear.

Alocasia Wentii FAQs and Common Problems

Yellow leaves are a common issue and this can be due to under and over watering, so check the soil and water it more or less frequently appropriately.

How Big Can Alocasia Wentii Grow?

These alocasias can grow really big for a houseplant, they can reach 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters, taking between 2 and 5 years to achieve this maturity.

Older Leaves Dying And Turning Yellow

The older leaves on alocasias can turn yellow and die off. This is quite normal for alocasia and as long as new leaves are growing you have nothing to worry about. You can cut back the old leaves if you like.

Do Alocasia Wentii Flower?

They do flower but not very often, and they are not very impressive flowers to be honest!

How to Grow Alocasia Wentii Outdoors?

Alcoasia wentii can do well outdoors, but can suffer from too much midday sun or if the temperatures drop down to freezing a lot. The bigger the plant, the better they will tolerate these conditions.

Alocasia Wentii Vs Regal Shield

These plants are similar but can be told apart as the regal shield has longer and thinner leaves.

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Alocasia Wentii
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