Wet stick Propagation (with a Burle Marx Variegata)


Hello and welcome to our guide to philodendron burle marx node propagation. This is a guide on how to propagate wet sticks (as they’re called if you’re buying nodes to prop), or like me if you just have some left over without any stems attached. I had a nice plant that over time became fairly leggy so I’ve chopped it and propped it, I go into detail...

Take your cuttings from the plant and trim them down. You want to keep as much stem either side of the node as possible. 

Step 1

Set the cuttings aside for half a day so the wounds heal over. This avoids rot as the wound cannot get water in it. 

Step 2

Fill a cup with wet sphagnum moss. You want to soak it, then squeeze off excess water. Don't pack it heavily as you want air to get to the roots.

Step 3

Add the nodes to the moss so they are partially buried. You want the nodes touching  moist moss to encourage rooting. 

Step 4

Cover the nodes with a bit more moss, don't pack it tight as you want air to get to the nodes as well as the moist moss.

Step 5

Put the cup in a bag to keep it humid. This will encourage rooting. Keep the bag a bit open as you can get rot more easily if the air cannot move.

Step 6

Keep it moist, humid and well lit until the nodes root.  When they have developed roots and you see new leaf growth you can move them to soil.

Step 7


For more on how to propagate Burle Marx Variagata wet sticks, and other propgation methods... see our full guide...