How To Fix A Reverted Philodendron Pink Princess

If the last two new leaves the plant has put out are reverted or with very little variegation, then it’s time to act to stop the plant getting any worse.

Step 1: Locate the reverted leaves

Trace the reverted leaves back to the nodes, then cut off below that, leaving the last variegated leaf as the top leaf. This is to encourage the next growth to come from a variegated part of the plant.

Step 2: Cut it back to the node

The plant should not be indirect sunlight, but it should get as much indirect sunlight as you can give it. This will also encourage variegation. You want it to grow back from the last variegated point with plenty of light. 

Step 3: Move the plant to bright place

If the whole plant is reverted, you can cut it all up into separate one-leaf one-node cuttings. Then propagate then, hoping that either the cuttings or the original plant will grow back variegated. This is long-shot to be honest, it is better to catch the plant before it has fully reverted!

What If The Whole Plant Has Reverted?


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