Propagating Cebu Blue Pothos

Take a cutting from the top of the plant, and cut under the node, You can take a whole branch to take multiple cuttings.

Step 1: Take a cutting

Trim the cuttings into separate so you have one node and one leaf for each cutting. Then leave for a few hours for the wounds to seal. 

Step 2: trim into separate cuttings and let them callous over

Put the cuttings in water for one or two months, until they have developed a good root system. Keep the water topped up, and change the water if it goes cloudy.

Step 3: put the cuttings in water to root

Cebu blue do well in both soil and leca. Once they have developed roots you can move the plant to soil or leca to live ongoing. See our full guide for more info.... 

Step 4: move cuttings to soil or leca.