Monstera Pinnatipartita Propagation In Leca

You want to make sure you get a node included in the cutting. Then leave it aside for 4 hours so it heals. This will reduce the chance of rot.

Step 1: Take A Cutting And Leave It For A Few Hours To Heal

I use a jar of filtered tap water and make sure the nodes are submerged under the water.  Try to keep the leaves out of the water as they can sometimes rot if they get wet. Put the cutting somewhere bright but not in direct sunlight, and keep the water topped up. Remove any cuttings that rot. They should all be rooting in a month or so.

Step 2: Put It In Water And Leave It For A Month Or Two To Root

Once they are well rooted in water you can move them to leca. Start by half filling a cup (with no drainage holes) with leca. 

Step 3: Move It To Leca

Position the cuttings where you want them to go, on top of the leca

Step 4: Put The Cuttings on Top Of The Leca

You want to gather all the leaves and stems together, so that when you fill it in with leca, then are tidy and upright. 

Step 5: Hold The Plant In Place

Fill in around the cutting with leca so it is well held in place.

Step 6

Fill the bottom 20% of the cup with water, and keep it topped up. This way the leca can wick up what it needs.  In a month the roots should have taken well to the leca. 

Step 7


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