Sprengeri Fern (Asparagus Fern)
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Sprengeri Fern (Asparagus Fern)

The key to Sprengeri Fern care is to mist it regularly and water it well….

Sprengeri Fern (Asparagus Fern) Summary

Light needs:Medium to bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Let the top layer of soil dry out before watering again.
Fertilizer:A balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer, diluted with twice as much water.
Soil:A potting compost rich in organic matter.
Temperature:18-25°C (64-77°F). Normal household temperatures.
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Asparagus fern, lace fern, asparagus setaceus.
Common issues:Over or underwatering.


Welcome to our guide to sprengeri fern aka asparagus fern, a fine and feathery fern originally from South Africa.

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Light Needs

These ferns can live in medium to bright light areas of your home. They do not like direct sunlight though.

How Often to Water

Let the top layer of your asparagus fern dry out before watering again.


Use a balanced fertilizer once a month in the spring and summer, diluted by twice as much water as instructed on the packet.


Sprengeri ferns like potting composts rich in organic matter.

When To Repot

Repot them when they become root bound. The best time of year to do this is in Spring at the start of the growing season.

Sprengeri Fern


Aim for 40% or more. Sprengeri Ferns like medium to high end of household humidity. You can mist them when watering to keep them happy.


Sprengeri ferns do well in household temperatures. 18-25°C (64-77°F).

Where To Buy A Sprengeri Fern

These plants come up from time to time in local specialist plant shops, support your local stores when you can. If not try online at one of these Rare Plant Shops.

Other Names for Sprengeri Fern

Asparagus fern, lace fern, asparagus setaceus.

Sprengeri Fern Care FAQs and Common Problems

Most common issues are too much sunlight and over or underwatering – remember these plants like shade and do not need a lot of direct or indirect sun. Water them regularly, but only if the top layer of soil is dry.

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Sprengeri Fern

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