Spider Plant Propagation

Spider Plant Propagation

Welcome to our guide to spider plant propagation, we cover all you need to know…

Spider Plant Propagation In Water

Follow these steps to root and propagate a spider plant in water:

  • Take a cutting of one of the smaller baby plants.
  • Put the cutting in a jar of water so that the base is submerged but most of the foliage is out of the water.
  • Keep the level of water topped up, if it becomes cloudy then change the water.
  • Keep in almost any light conditions except for dark and full on sun. They are super tolerant.
  • They should root in a few weeks.

You can then pot the plant up in soil, or you can even leave it growing in water and it will grow just fine.

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Where To Cut

You want to cut one of the baby plants from the main plant. Cut the stem that joins the baby plant to the main plant, and cut it as close to the smaller plant as you can.

Spider Plant Propagation Time

Once you’ve put a spider plant cutting in water it can take 1 to 2 weeks to start to grow roots. It’s roots grow very quickly And in a month or two it should have an established root system.

Spider Plant Propagation From Leaf

You cannot propagate a spider plant from only one leaf, you need to cut off one of the baby plants and propagate them.

Propagation In Soil

You can easily propagate spider plants in soil by chopping off one of the smaller plants and planting it in a pot of compost. Keep it moist and it should root in a month or so.

Should I Cut The Babies Off?

You can cut the babies off your spider plant, and you can then propagate them into separate plants. They will take up energy from the main when left on the plant to grow, so when taken off the main plant it will grow quicker.

Can I Propagate Spider Plant Without Babies?

You can propagate spider plants even if it has not put out babies. You can propagate it by division at he base. Just take the plant out of it’s pot and divide up the separate plants. You need to let the wounds heal over for about a day, to reduce the risk of rot, and then pot them up separately.

How Do I Get My Spider Plant To Make Babies?

The best thing you can do it meet their care needs and they should grow well and put out babies. For more on spider plant care see: Spider Plant Care.

Can Spider Plants Grow In Water?

Spider plants can survive in water alone. You can grow them in a jar and watch their roots grow.

How Long Do Spider Plants Take To Root?

They root really quickly in one to two weeks you should good new root growth and then a couple of weeks after that the roots system should be big enough to pot up into soil

What Kind Of Soil Do Spider Plants Like?

Spider plants will do well in a standard commercially available potting compost.

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Spider Plant Propagation

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