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Peace Lily Propagation

How To Propagate A Peace Lily Summary

Peace lily propagation is best done by division (separation at the roots), which is a quick and easy way to get more plants. Stem, leaf and node cuttings are not possible with these rhizomatous plants.


Welcome to our Peace lily propagation guide. Peace lilies aka spathiphyllums are rhizomatous, which means they produce roots and shoots from an underground stem called a rhizome. The rhizome is like a bulb or tuber where roots and the stems all grow from. As the plant grows the tuber grows horizontally under the soil. You cannot propagate them from leaf cuttings or stem cuttings, you need to propagate them by division at the rhizome. You need to take some of the rhizome with the new plant (aswell as roots and stems). You can also plant seeds, but this can take years to grow a mature plant, so division is definitely the way to go.

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Peace Lily Propagation By Division

To propagate a peace lily by division, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Take the plant out of it’s pot.
  • Step 2: Shake and brush as much of the soil from the roots as possible then put the roots in water which makes it much easier to separate them.
  • Step 3: You need to divide the plant at the rhizome. You can grab a small plant ‘baby’ and prize it gently from the main rhizome, taking some of the rhizome with it and a cluster of roots and stems too. You can do with by hand, try to limit the damage to the plant as much as possible. Doing this with the roots in a bowl of water should make it much easier to break the plant apart without damaging it.
  • Step 4: Plant the separate plants up in their own containers and give them a good watering.


Can You Grow A Peace Lily From A Cutting?

You cannot grow a peace from a cutting, but you can by taking a cutting from the rhizome below the soil, and taking some roots and stems with it.

Can You Propagate A Peace Lily In Water?

Peace lilies can be propagated in water, as long as you get part of the rhizome. In fact they can grow entirely in a vase of water, why not show off their roots?! But make sure you wash off any soil before putting it in water or it can lead to root rot.

When Can I Split My Peace Lily?

Peace lilies can be spilt by dividing the rhizome. You can do with any time of year when repotting, but especially if the plant has become very pot bound.

How Long To Grow A Peace Lily From Seed?

A peace lily can take two years to flower from seed. The quickest way to propagate your spathiphyllum is by division.

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