Lithops Care
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Lithops Care

Lithops Care Summary:

In general lithops like bright indirect and some direct sunlight. They need watering when they dry out, except if they go dormant in the coldest parts of winter and hottest part of summer.

Lithops Care Summary

Light needs:Indirect sunlight and some direct.
Watering needs:Do not water in the dormant times of the hottest summer and coldest winter. The rest of the time water once it dries out, check the soil first.
Fertilizer:Not necessary.
Soil:Use a standard cactus compost.
Humidity:They like low-humidity, but will be fine in any household.
Temperature:18°C-25°C (64-77°F)
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Living stone, pebble plants.
Common issues:Over watering, especially in the dormant period.


Welcome to our guide to lithops care. These small living stone are popular and relatively easy to care for succulent plants.

Lithops Light Needs

These succulents love indirect sunlight and some direct. Put them in the sunniest spot in your home, they can tolerate a lot.

How Often to Water A Lithops

Lithops go dormant and do not grow winter, they will not need watering during this time. In the spring and summer growing months water your plant once it dries out, which can be upto each week, but check the soil first with your finger.

Lithops Fertilizer

Lithops don’t need fertilizer, but if you like you can encourage growth by using a cactus and succulent fertilizer in the summer. Just make sure you dilute it down by twice as much as it says on the packet.

Lithops Soil

Use a standard cactus compost for your lithops.

When To Repot A Lithops

Lithops are slow growing and hardly ever need to be repotted. But if you do, make sure it is in the early spring so that the plant is not dormant.

Lithops Humidity

Lithops are low humidity succulents, they will be fine in any household and do not need any extra misting.

Lithops Temperature

Lithops thrive in normal household temperatures, they like 18°C-25°C (64-77°F). Do not let your succulents get down too cold (keep them above 5°C or 40°F).

Where To Buy A Lithops

You can buy lithops from time to time in florists, sold as a novelty houseplant, if not you can try to buy from a seller on Etsy.

Other Names for Lithops

Lithops, living stone, pebble plants.

Lithops Care FAQs and Common Problems

Common problems are that lithops are prone to over watering, so be especially careful you don’t water them in their dormant period.

Why Are My Lithops Shriveling?

Lithops shrivel when they are underwatered, if the soil is really dry too, then give it a good watering. Sometimes an overwatered lithops can shrivel too, in which case do the opposite and let it dry out well. It is easy to tell which one it is by checking if the soil is dry or wet.

When Do Lithops Go Dormant?

Lithops have two periods where they can go dormant, in the winter when it is cold and in the heat of early summer, during both of these period their growth slows down dramatically.

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