Lemon Plant From Seed
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Lemon Plant From Seed


Welcome to our guide to growing a lemon plant from seed. You can germinate a seed from a store bought lemon and grow it into a tree that can bear fruit a few years later.

How To Grow A Lemon Plant From Seed, Step By Step

Follow these steps to grow a lemon plant from seed:

  • Get the equipment you need ready: a lemon, filtered water (left overnight), a pot and some potting compost.
  • Remove the seeds from the lemon. Get 4 or 5 seeds at least as some may not germinate, or grow slower.
  • Get a pot ready to germinate the seeds in: a shallow tupperware will do. Fill it with potting compost and put each seed about 2 cms down or half and inch.
  • Water the soil gently so as not to move the seeds too much.
  • Cover the tupperware with a clear lid or clear plastic bag.
  • Put the tupperware on a warm, bright place like a window sill to germinate.
  • After a week or so the seedling should be sprouting and you can take the top off the tub.
  • Wait until the seedlings are a few inches tall (about or 10cm). Then plant them out to a pot of their own each.
  • Put them in a warm and sunny location like a window sill to encourage growth.
  • Feed them with a high nitrogen content fertilizer in the summer months (you can get a fertilizer made specifically for citrus plants).
  • You now have a lemon tree!

Note: Some people use kitchen paper to germinate, and to remove the skin of the seeds to, but I have found soil on its own is just as fast without the need to remove the skin or use kitchen paper.

Growing Lemon From Seed – FAQ

Here we run down a few questions and answers that often come up…

How To Germinate Lemon Seeds In Paper Towel

You can germinate lemon seeds in a wet paper towel. Put the towel in a plastic bag, then put the bag somewhere warm. It can take one to two weeks to germinate.

However I have found that planting seeds directly in soil will result in the same amount of germinations and they grow as quickly as using kitchen paper.

Do Lemon Trees Grown From Seed Produce Fruit?

Lemon trees can produce fruit, but the lemons might not be exactly the same as the one the seed is from. It is also possible that they do not fruit at all.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed?

It can take over 5 years in some cases to grow a lemon tree from seed, but can be much less.

Can You Grow A Lemon Tree From A Seed From A Store Bought Lemon?

Yes you can grow a tree from a seed taken from a store-bought lemon, the fruit may differ from the original though.

Do You Need 2 Lemon Trees To Produce Fruit?

You don’t need two lemon trees, they can fruit on their own without pollination from another tree.

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