Hoya Plant Care FAQ
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Hoya Plant Care FAQ: What You Need To Know

Welcome to our Hoya Plant Care FAQ article. We run down some frequently asked questions about hoya and some general care needs…

Do Hoya Like Humidity?

Hoya often grow best in the higher end of household humidity, about 60% is great. They’ll do just fine in 50% though.

How To Make Hoya Bloom

To get your hoya to flower, give it plenty of bright but indirect sunlight, some direct in mornings and evenings is good too. And fertilize them. If given the right care and are a mature plant they should flower.

Can Hoya Grow In Water?

You can root hoya cuttings in water. Hoya cuttings that have been started in water can continue to live in water alone.

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Will Hoya Grow From A Leaf?

Hoya can be grown from leaf cuttings, you can plant the leaves directly in soil to root. They are not quick growing, so you need patience, they should root in a couple of months.

Best Hoya Soil Mix

Use a mix of cactus soil, orchid bark and perlite in equal parts. This gives it a really well draining, chunky and bark-based medium that replicates it’s epiphytic natural environment.

For more on hoya soil (what to buy and how to make your own) see our guide here: Hoya Soil.

Can Hoya Plants Live Outside?

Hoyas can live outside as long as they do not get too much direct sun, or too much below-freezing temperatures in the winter.

Do Hoyas Like To Be Root Bound?

Hoyas are ok to be a bit root bound. They don’t mind crowded roots, but pot them up a size to encourage growth when they get really crowded.

Which Hoya Blooms The Most?

Hoya lacunosa is a prolific bloomer.

Can Hoyas Take Full Sun?

Hoyas can take some direct sunlight, but does not want full on direct midday sun.

Can Hoya Grow In Low Light?

Hoyas can grow just fine in low light conditions, but they need more light to bloom.

When Does Hoya Bloom?

Hoya bloom after reaching maturity, which can be when it reaches 7 years old, but normally within 5 years. They can bloom seasonally or year round, depending on the variety of hoya.

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Hoya Plant Care FAQ
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